Meet Sam O’Neilla and Penny Cillin

Today is my brother’s birthday. Happy birthday brother! I’m sure you don’t read this, but I do hope you have a good day. Since it’s his birthday and we gave him his gift yesterday, I figured today is a good day to share both his Christmas gift and birthday gift.

For Christmas, I knit him Sam O’Neilla.


My brother was a biology major and when I saw GIANT Microbes in the bookstore on campus I thought he’d get a kick out of one. Then I thought “Hey, I can knit that!” and, lo and behold, someone on Ravelry already had that idea! The pattern was super easy and quick. Honestly, the longest part was all of the i cords. Back and forth and back and forth! Blah! And it was a tad awkward trying to attach the flagellum to the body, so I’m hoping they stay alright for him.

After finishing up my Christmas knitting, I started looking for what to make him for his birthday. That’s when I found this pattern for more GIANT microbes and decided on the brilliant (if I do say so myself) idea to make him a Penny Cillin (name play all my own) for his Sam O’Neilla.


They’re lovers, don’t you know? But, as my husband so cleverly put it, they have a bit of a love-hate relationship. Do you get it? I do! Ahahahahaah!

Penny was also really easy, but I modified her a bit so she’d be Sam’s size. Rather than increasing her size up to 30 stitches, I stopped at 18 like Sam. This meant that I could only do 3 “fingers” instead of 5, but it worked out great. Still divisible by 6 and everything. It was my first time making pom poms too and I found this super helpful video (as the instructions for the pom pom in the pattern didn’t really make sense to a virgin pom pom’er like me).

All in all, a cute and fun project. I hope he at least got a kick out of it!


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