Carson Daly On The Boob

First off, thanks for my friend Jillian for bringing this to my attention. Be sure to read her guest posts here and here

You all know how I love celebrities endorsing breastfeeding. Or even just saying that they breastfeed, since that is just another step towards normalizing. So when I heard that Carson Daly talked about his daughter being “on the boob” on the Tonight Show last night, I was pretty excited.

I loved TRL growing up. Back in the days before DVR, I would actually plan my day around needing to be home for it. I lived for the countdown. I haven’t followed up with watching Carson’s later pursuits so he’s something I purely associate with my late childhood/teen years. Just makes it that much more special for me to see him talking about breastfeeding, something that is so near and dear to my heart now.

In the clip (jump to timestamp 34:30) he talks about turbulance on the plane and how his daughter was fine because she was “on the boob.” Of course the audience laughs and then he elaborates (somewhat to Jay’s dismay it seems) “if my whole family could have gotten on the boob, we would have gotten on the boob.” Then him jokingly going over to his girlfriend to get on the boob himself (no crude motions, just a hand clawing-thing).

I love it when celebrities not only normalize breastfeeding in a serious way, but normalize the funny parts about it too. Breastfeeding is part of life for families with small children. Just like poopy diapers and sleepless nights, there are sometimes funny parts. Actually, there’s often funny parts. It’s okay to joke about it too, and I’m not saying in the “it’s so gross that it’s funny” sort of way that popular culture often depicts.

Here’s the episode for your viewing enjoyment (the rest of the interview is pretty funny too!): Carson Daly on The Tonight Show


3 thoughts on “Carson Daly On The Boob

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    Lady Lactivist!

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