Warm Woolen Mittens


Alright, so maybe they’re more gloves than mittens, but they’re still warm and woolen. That counts, right?

These are another Christmas gift. They were for my father-in-law with the intent of using them during things like shoveling snow. He said he’s used them and they work well. The pattern is Jarrod’s Gloves and I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Wood. If you look at the comments on that blog post, you can see that I had some issues when I was doing the fingers, but I figured it out. Overall, a nice pattern that was fun, especially in the pattern on the back.


Shortly after Christmas, my mother-in-law approached me asking if I could make my father-in-law a new hat. His current hat came to a point at the top and it bothered him. I said I’d be happy to and after I finished some projects, I had my husband pick out a hat pattern out of a few that I had narrowed it down to. I got some grey Sheep(ish) by Vickie Howell yarn (since his current hat was grey) and knit up Christian’s Hat. Of course, after I finished the hat, my husband told me I should have used yarn that matched the gloves. I don’t know why I hadn’t occurred to me! After looking at some other hats people on Ravelry had knit up with the Wood yarn though, it looked a tad bit too camouflage-y for my father-in-law, so I decided to just stick with the hat I had already knit. The pattern was super easy and repetitive, but fun. I was able to knit it in the dark of a movie theater while we watched Django Unchained. I love knitting in theaters. Now, here’s a cute picture of Peanut wearing her Opa’s hat.



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