SmartKlean Review and Giveaway Ends 2.27

SKBALL-HPToday I have for you all another update on our diaper routine. Well, it’s actually for all of our laundry. A couple of months ago, I was sent a SmartKlean laundry ball and Stain Remover to review for this blog. Well, actually I contacted them. I don’t recall how I came across their site, but when I started to read I got excited really quick. I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of spending $45 for a whole year (365 washes) of laundry? Then make it gentle to the skin (my husband has eczema, so detergents easily irritate him), eco-friendly (no traces of soap in the water and you can even cut out the rinse on your laundry and save water), and cloth diaper safe! Yeah, I’m in!

I was so excited about it that I emailed them right away asking if they’d like me to review it for my blog. Diana got back to me ASAP and sent out not only the laundry ball, but stain remover too. I forced myself to use up the last of the Country Save before I made the switch because I didn’t want to waste and then I started using the ball.

I am a laundry ball convert.

My clothes are just as fresh, if not more-so  than they were with regular detergent. They don’t smell like anything (which is exactly what I want! I hate detergents that make my clothes smell “fresh”!) and I honestly think I have less stains, even without getting the stain remover involved. It’s super nice to just start the laundry and not worry about how much detergent has to go in. The ball just hangs out in our washer (much like our wool dryer balls) unless I take it out to do a pre-rinse on the cloth diapers (still best for stains, I’d say). I’ve been using the ball for over two months now and my clothes are still just as clean as they were day one, even with our hard water.

SmartKlean-Stain-Remover1Next I tried out the stain remover. It’s just a block of waxy substance that you rub on the stain. Super easy! The first stain I tried it on I didn’t have much luck with. It’s a shirt that I love dearly, but seems to be stain-prone. The day after buying it, I had a bunch of bacon grease splash up onto it! I know, I know, I shouldn’t have been wearing a new shirt and cooking bacon. Hindsight is 20-20, you know. I handed it over to my mother-in-law and she worked her magic on it and got the bacon grease out. Now though, it had a little brown mark of unknown origins. The stain had been sitting for a few months, so I’m not surprised that I didn’t have any luck.

DiapersThe second time I tried out the stain remover on some cloth diapers I was trying to sell. It specifically says cloth diaper safe, just like the laundry ball! Yay! So these prefolds were pretty stained. I hadn’t done anything to try to get the stains out before because, to be honest, I don’t care about stains on my baby’s diapers. I mean, they’re for poop! Geeze! But generally when selling diapers, they do better if they have less stains.

I started off my stain removal process with some Rockin’ Green I had from the Great Cloth Diaper Change. I soaked the diapers for a few hours with that on hot. Then after running the rest of the cycle to drain and then rinse them, I rubbed the SmartKlean stain remover all over the stained parts. The transformation was astounding! They went from being so stained that it was impossible not to see it to having so little stains that the worst of them had it hardly show up on camera! Many of the diapers had no stains at all after this too. I’ll definitely be trying this again the next time I need to sell diapers. Maybe I’ll even do it to my current ones now just to make them nice and pretty again! I’ll be interested to see how it works on the coffee stain Twig decided to create (don’t worry, no babies were burned in the making of this blog post!).

SmartKlean does everything its competitors do, often better, and it’s at a savings to you and the environment. Sure, $45 for laundry detergent seems like a lot to drop at once, but it’s totally worth it. I know that I’ll be purchasing more in the future, just not for a whole year!

You want one too, you say? Well today is your lucky day! SmartKlean is giving away a free laundry ball and stain remover to one lucky reader! Leave one comment per entry. Don’t forget to get in those extra comments for extra entries!

Mandatory First Entry: Leave a comment estimating how much you spend in a year on laundry detergent. For example, I used to buy Country Save which was slightly over $20 per box and probably used a box of it every two months, so my comment would be “$120 per year!” Make sure you use an email you’d like to be contacted at in case you win!

1 entry: follow me on Twitter. If you already follow, you still get an entry!

1 entry: Tweet about this giveaway (leave a link to the tweet in the comment). You can tweet about this giveaway once every day for an entry. That’s up to 15 entries just from tweeting!

2 entries (make 2 separate comments): follow this blog by email (or other following mechanism of your choosing).  If you already follow, you still get an entry!

2 entries: become a fan of The Adventures of Lactating Girl on Facebook. If you’re already a fan, you still get an entry!

2 entries: become a fan of SmartKlean on Facebook. If you’re already a fan, you still get an entry!

1 entry: Write a post on your Facebook page about this giveaway! Make sure you link to The Adventures of Lactating Girl on Facebook in the post and leave a comment here each time you do it. You can do it once per day! That’s up to 15 entries!

3 entries: blog about this contest (leave a link the comment). Once per giveaway.

The winner will be chosen on Wednesday, February 27th at 5PM Mountain Standard Time by random. The winner will be emailed and must respond to the email within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen. Good luck everyone!

Winner is Pierogie Mama with comment #2 on the random number generator!


36 thoughts on “SmartKlean Review and Giveaway Ends 2.27

  1. Wow! This looks amazing. We go through a box of Country Save about every 3 months, so $80.

  2. I would guess I spend around $120-130 a year on laundry detergent! Ugh that’s way too much!

  3. I liked this post, liked Adventures if Lactating
    Girl and follow the blog through fb. I also liked smartklean on fb!

  4. With a new baby, I now do laundry every other day instead of once a week so we probably spend about $200+ on laundry soap now. I’ve wanted to try these laundry balls for a while but I always forget to order them. I already own a set of dryer balls and love them! If you don’t have some already, you should definitely get some.

  5. Shared a link to the giveaway on FBI. Couldn’t tag TALG because I’m mobile, but I tagged Claire.

  6. I was cloth diapers everyday, plus regular laundry. My daughter has eczema so I am in the process of trying to get all detergent out of our clothes by using borax and pure soap. Each load is five washes. So I’m spending a lot of money just this month on laundry! I am needing a detergent free laundry wash for our house to help with her eczema. I am strongly considering the SmartKlean!

  7. I spend about $100 a year on laundry.
    I like smartklean on facebook, and follow you 🙂

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