RAWR Dinosaurs!

We were invited to a birthday party at the beginning of January for two sisters (click on the link for a much better picture of the dinosaur than the one I took). When I asked their mom what they liked, she said for the younger one her favorite color was blue and her favorite animal was dinosaurs. Since I’d been dying to make Dinosaur Jr, I decided this was the time. As I was going, I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough of the blue thread I started with (some random acrylic that I don’t have the info for), so I added stripes (another random acrylic). Then I ran out of both blues when I was on the feet, so I added another blue (Bernat Worsted Solids). So it’s a very blue dinosaur!



As you can see, the legs ended up different sizes. I’m alright with it though. I think it looks cute. I’m also working on doing eyes, so these weren’t as good as I’d hoped.



When I was finishing all of the plates for the dinosaur, I let Twig run around with it. Man, she lurved that thing! Since it was her birthday in a couple of weeks, I decided to make her one instead of the giraffe I’d been planning. With hers, I used the same blue that I ended with on the other dinosaur, but decided to go with a rainbow of colors for the stripes (two random acrylics, some left over Lion Brand Wool-ease from my MIL’s blanket, and Red Heart Super Saver for the yellow). Word of caution, make sure that the random acrylic you use up is the same yarn weight! I couldn’t tell the purple was going to have bigger holes (because I think it was DK weight) until I started stuffing and was well beyond that point. Oh well, it’s for a one year old.



Sadly, she hasn’t been that interested in it. It’s alright though because it’ll stick around until she’s ready to be more interested. For now, her big sister gets a kick out of it. Maybe she’ll get one for her birthday too!


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