Preschool Set

IMG_0256As it started to get cold outside, I decided Peanut needed some new mittens for preschool. Her current ones were not very warm, a little too small, and getting a hole. As I started to research mittens, I found some really cute sets of mittens, hat, and cowl or scarf on Ravelry. Of course, I decided I needed to make her a whole set rather than just mittens.

IMG_0255So it started with the hat. Peanut liked the hats I made for my friend and her daughter, so I decided to make her one of those. It was really hard getting through this hat! After doing the pattern twice, and having it be a relatively easy one to begin with, it was just so boring. Then I had a whole drama when they didn’t have the Patons Wool Roving in the pink that Peanut loved so dear. I ended up going with Lion Brand Wool-ease Thick and Quick, which is technically super bulky instead of bulky. Getting down to size 6 needles ended up making this project a pain, most literally. My hands ached every time I knit! Even though my gauge was off with the 6’s, I wasn’t willing to go any lower in size, so I made the hat to the small size, trusting it would be a bit bigger than that since I had less stitches per inch. It fits her pretty well and will probably fit for a long time. It’s nice and cozy warm too since it’s knit so tightly. The edging and braids is in some Bernat Alpaca Natural Blends I had lying around.

IMG_0226The mittens were super quick to work up. I finished them in 2 days and honestly probably could have done them quicker. I didn’t really like how the mittens just end abruptly and kind of have pointed squares, but that might be exasperated by the yarn that I used. They also took a ridiculously small amount of yarn and, especially since they’re knit so tight, repeal water like a fiend! I’d definitely recommend knitting some up for any small humans you know. Pattern: Daniel’s Mittens

IMG_0403Lastly, the cowl. I decided that since the yarn was pretty plain that I needed to a fun pattern for the cowl. This was certainly it. It was fun to do the huge cables and it’s cute enough that I seriously think an adult could wear it. It’s actually big enough to fit on an adult neck! It would be easy enough to make it a tad wider and longer to make it nice and bunchy for an adult like a real cowl though. Hrm, maybe someone will be receiving one of these modified cowls as a gift for Christmas. Pattern: Children’s Quick Knitted Cabled Cowl.

Lastly, just to prove how big the hat and cowl are, along with maybe embarrass my husband juuuust a little, here’s a fun picture.



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