Newsletter-January/February 2013

Hey girls!

Once again, I’ve managed to miss a month with your newsletter. Oh well, it’s just my season of life. We’ve been quite busy, as always, with school and fun. You girls certainly do your best to keep me busy too!

IMG_0310Peanut, your art is excelling with leaps and bounds! During the last newsletter, I shared your first drawing that looked like real people. Since then, you’re getting more and more detailed. Now you give them everything from torsos to ears. Actually, we had a bit of a funny incident when making your uncle’s birthday card last month. Since drawing Pop Pop on his birthday card, you’ve decided that you need to draw everyone on their birthday card. Well, on your uncle’s card, you decided to take it a step further. You drew him and then showed it to me saying “This is Uncle Jason and this is his penis!” Stifling a laugh, I asked you if we normally walk around with our private parts hanging out, to which you responded “Oh! I forgot his clothes!” and quickly drew some clothes over the top of him. You then drew your grandparents with their genitalia.

You’re really enjoying painting too. One day when we were at Target, we found a Dinosaur Train painting book on sale and I just had to get it for you. Since then, you’ve been painting with it nearly every day. I had to create a drying line in the kitchen with yarn and clothes pins just to avoid having paintings all over the kitchen table. You love painting at preschool too. From what I understand, you painted about fifty pictures of your best friend one day.

Really, you love preschool in general. I don’t think they could do any wrong. There has been a big of an upset though because your favorite “best friend” teacher is leaving. This is the teacher that you had last year too and I decided to put you in this specific time slot because it would mean you being in her class. She’s moving to Texas because her husband got a job there and you’ve been pretty upset about it, but you’ve calmed down since we decided to make her a going away gift. She mentioned that she liked the mittens I knit you, so I decided a while back that I’d knit her some at the end of the school year to thank her for being so great. Since she’s obviously not making it to the end of the school year, I decided to knit them now. I did them in purple so they’d match yours and you’re going to make her a card to go with them.

IMG_0130Twig, you’re a handful! You’re always on the move. The only time I can get you to sit still for even a second is while you’re napping. You’re very clingy at times and often just start screaming crying when I walk away from you, even if you could just follow me along. You’re also easy to upset, but I remember this being a rough age with sister too. You’re so on the move and still learning a lot, which has got to be tough.

You love to put on clothes too, especially shoes. You’re borderline obsessed with shoes. On and off and get some new ones and on and off. You think that a laundry basket full of clean clothes is just great because you can pull out random pieces of clothing (doesn’t matter if it’s mommy’s, daddy’s, sister’s, or your own) and try to put them on. After trying to pull whatever it is over your head a few times, you bring it over to mama so she can help you get it on. In the end you’ll be wearing daddy’s sock, sister’s jacket, your legwarmer, and mommy’s shirt. Then you’ll parade around the house showing everyone like you’re wearing the coolest outfit ever.

You also started to blow kisses, which is super cute. You’ve been waving bye for a while. Now you wave bye and then put your hand to your mouth and back out while making a popping sound. And you know when we’re getting ready to go to! You’ll go over to the door and start trying to open it, often getting frustrated that you can’t get it open. Then you start waving bye to everyone in the room, even the people who are leaving with you. You love to give hugs too. And your hugs aren’t just little pats, but these intense “Oh my goodness I love you SO much!” hugs. So after hugs and kisses, someone picks you up to carry you out and you start blowing kisses. I think you like the whole process of saying goodbye so much that you don’t even mind the fact that we’re leaving.

IMG_0108You girls are still doing great together too. Every time when we leave to go pick up Peanut from preschool, Twig gets super excited. And when Peanut stays the night at grandma and grandpa’s, you two act like you haven’t seen each other in months when we go to pick her up the next day. There’s still some sibling rivalry, of course, but it’s much more two sided at this point. Twig gets jealous that Peanut is in my lap at music and hits her. Peanut gets jealous that Twig runs up to me and has to run up to me too. Both of you argue over toys. This is all normal sibling stuff, which can be frustrating at times, but that’s just life. Walking in a room to see you two happily playing dress-up together makes it all worth it.

Well, until next month,



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