Sunday Surf: School, School, and More School

Welcome to the Sunday Surf.

I’ve been absent around here for the last week because of school. Schooooool. I’m feeling so done, but I really am almost done, so I’m forcing myself to chug along and get ahead so I can be done faster. I just keep reminding myself that I’ll be free a month from now, at least for a few months. Then it’s more schooool. Until then, here’s a cute photo of the girls playing outside in the glorious sun. Oh, and Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it! Yay for eggs!



First off, here’s a great post published just today from Hobo Mama (on her Sunday Surf, actually) on the importance of breastfeeding and not guilting moms who nurse and don’t have a perfect diet. I was so busy with school that I didn’t even know about the Breastfeeding Support Blog Party, but I’m very happy to read all of the posts from it. Breastmilk is still superior, no matter what mom’s diet is. I’ll share more on that another day.

Also from Hobo Mama is A Trick to Unlatch a Sleeping Nursling. Her interesting idea is that, rather than relatching baby to the same side if they start rooting when you unlatch, that you switch sides. Often when I put Twig down it takes multiple times of relatching her on the same side to get her to fall asleep. I’m definitely going to try this trick.

Have you gotten into this “in a mug” trend going on? Well I hadn’t tried any of them out until just recently, and I must say that this one is delicious. Peach cobbler in a mug! I wasn’t sure about the whole thing because it makes dessert so readily accessible (yeah, like I need that), but it also means that it’s just one serving. No more going back for another helping, unless I want to go to all of the work of mixing the ingredients again! And no more eating a whole pan of peach cobbler over a few days!

Peanut and I did this awesome Egg Geodes Experiment this week in celebration of Easter. Peanut loved adding the different things to the different cups (we did sugar, rock salt, sea salt, baking soda, and honey). We’re still waiting for it to finish evaporating (We originally put it in a room where the cats wouldn’t get it, but since the door is shut the room gets cold. We’ve since moved it outside.), but Peanut is loving checking on it every day and looking at how they’re changing.

Have you ever made granola? Well, I suppose I’m truly “crunchy” now that I have! This vanilla granola is to die for, seriously. We made a half batch (because we didn’t have enough oatmeal, we go through that stuff like crazy!) and finished it in just a few days. I’m planning on making more today. So much cheaper and even more delicious than store-bought!

Given my current lack of time and effort to do my hair (well, to be honest, that’s all the time), I’ve been really loving buns lately. These fun bun alternatives are mostly easy and great for getting my hair out of the way for the day. I’m trying to put more effort into my appearance every day because it helps me feel confident and happy, so it’s great to have some quick and easy ways to do my hair that make me feel great. I especially love the Simple Gibson Tuck and Twisted Sister.

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