EviePants Soakers

Last year when I was visiting a friend who knits, I was looking at some of the product that she sells online. She sells wool longies, skirties, shorties, and more. When I was looking at them, I was mesmerized by the beauty of these diaper covers. Cables and butterfly stitch and pretty bind-offs galore. I asked her about them and she said that she had just bought a selling license for a pattern online. I found the EviePants All-in-one on Ravelry, but it costs $7.50 and I had yet to actually pay for a pattern, so I held off and made these soakers with a free pattern. A few months later, I accidentally knit a premie sized soaker instead of a newborn size for a friend and I sold it online for cheap, but it was just enough to buy this pattern. So I did. And oh boy, I don’t regret it.

This pattern is the only one you’ll ever need for making diaper covers, and beautiful ones at that. It has instructions for soakers, longies, shorties, skirties and they each have so many options that it’s overwhelming at first. I think you could make over 100 completely different pieces with this pattern, possibly even more. I’m not willing to do the math at the moment.

Thus far, I’ve made three soakers and a skirty with this pattern, all with Patons Classic Wool. First I made this one for Twig:


Then next I made a miniature for a friend who just had a baby:


Then I made another one for Twig in purple:



And then I made a skirty for Twig:



I didn’t get a good picture (she moves so much!) before the skirty got destroyed. The only downside to wool soakers is that they keep making their way into my washing machine by accident and shrinking. Good news is that I’m pretty sure I have enough newborn wool soakers for twins though! Before this one was shrunken, I took the skirty off. I didn’t realize that even with the butterfly stitch, the a-line would curl. On top of that it kept falling down from the weight, no matter how tight I did the ties. I don’t know why it fell down, but I’m going to try to make another skirty in the future.

And the purple one, which was so cute, got destroyed too. Our cutesy little dog has a dark side when it comes to anything she sees as food. Apparently I didn’t wash the poop off of it well enough because when it was hanging to dry, she knocked it down and bit it to death. So now I’m working on another soaker since with the first one pictured above and the soaker from this giveaway, I only have two that fit her (I do have the longies from Pretty Paisley too, but they’re a tad long for this weather).

So, if you’re looking for a good soaker pattern, I’d definitely tell you to buy this one. I like the soakers from this pattern much more than the ones that I made from the other pattern (short rows are your friend!) and it has every possible soaker you’d like to make! Have fun knitting!

Just a little note that the maker of this pattern did not pay me in any way, shape, or form. I bought the pattern with my own money and I’m happy I did! 


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