Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures

There seem to be reviews floating around for this awesome new book everywhere, but I decided to throw my hat in the ring anywho.

I found her blog less than six months ago and after reading a few posts, immediate 1) subscribed to the blog via my Google Reader (eep! Still don’t know what I’m going to do for a new reader) and 2) spent all of my free time over the course of 3 days reading Every. Single. Post. on the site.

Well I suppose you could say I did a third thing too, which was to randomly (to them at least) send my friends, and mostly my husband, links to the most hilarious of these posts. Like this one (oh my goooooooodness!) and I’m pretty sure we own the same cats and ahahahahaha this is my life!

Well maybe a fourth thing too, which was to obsessively check my reader for new posts at least once a day. And often there was one! Seriously for being amazingly funny and drawing pictures to go with it, Amber posts a lot. Not that I’m complaining or anything.

Now to the book. First off, I don’t buy many books. I’m a constant reader and have been most my life, but I’m also on a tight budget. The library is my friend! Secondly, given that I have two children and most of my reading time is spent in front of a textbook (or maybe I should say most of my anything time is spent in front of a textbook), I’m also a big fan of audiobooks. They allow me to always have a novel going, even if I don’t really have the time. And knitting plus audiobook equals awesome!

With that background, I now tell you that I preordered this book as soon as I heard it was coming out. I was that absolutely certain that I would love it. And I do! Oh how I do! Just like with her blog, this lady hits parenting right in its sweet spot. The good, the bad, and the ugly and all hilarious! How many times can I type the word “hilarious” in one post?! Really though, I can’t even describe how awesome her writing and pictures truly are. There are stories that are outrageous and stories that you can’t do anything but cry because you relate to them so thoroughly. It’s awesome. And hilarious. And possibly hilariously awesome. (Hilarious, hilarious, hilarious)

I wasn’t certain how the blog posts would work as a book, but it’s amazingly cohesive. And, while there are some old favorites from her blog, most of the material is never before seen. Just what I needed to get my crappy fix!

I’d have to say that I love the most is how easy and quick it is to read. I stowed it away in the bathroom so I could sneak in a chapter on the potty (Note to Amber: I was totally in the bathroom while reading page 8. Your dreams have come true!) or the girls are playing in the tub. I was always surprised that I could find an easy stopping point when someone starting screaming at me from down the stairs.

Though, I must say, it’s a double-edged sword. I’m not complaining about a lack of content, because there definitely was a book’s worth, but I got through it so fast! Come on, it’s been like two weeks, aren’t you ready to release another book already? I’m jonesing!

No really, go buy this book. This hilarious lady deserves it. And go read her blog archives (starting with the very first post) and join the rest of us in our crappy addictions.

Side-bar: I was not in any way, shape, or form paid to do this review. I just love this blog and book SO much. Now go buy it!


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