On Becoming a Parent

On a sick-day road trip with the girls.

On a sick-day road trip with the girls.

As Twig napped one Saturday morning, a rather long nap, my husband and I sat down for a calm lunch with Peanut. My husband remarked how easy it is with just one child and we mused on the fact that we never really appreciated the easiness when we had it because we hadn’t experienced the more hectic life of having two kids.

I often look back to what my life was like before children and laugh at myself. How exactly did I have no time? What made me so busy? Why can’t my still-childless friends understand and appreciate the ability to use the restroom at their convenience (and without interruption or an audience!), let alone spend a lazy Saturday reading a whole novel in one sitting?

Parenthood is life-altering.

We often think of this in a negative way. “You’ll never sleep again.” “Just wait until…” I even read an article once that said if a mom has a picture of her kids as her profile picture on Facebook, that’s her way of saying she doesn’t matter anymore (as opposed to saying “my kid looks darn cute in this photo”?). We view parenthood as an inconvenience. As something we must do before we go back to our real lives.

We often fail to recognize that parenthood changes us for the better. As I’ve posted about before, I believe parenting allowed me to come into my own. It made me the person I was meant to be.

What’s my day like? Waking up too early and cursing myself for not prioritizing sleep. Drinking some caffeine, making breakfast, and kissing my husband on his way out the door. Making amusing faces back and forth with Twig and listening to amazingly imaginative stories from Peanut. Clean the house and playing with the girls. Eating more and a little rest for them, along with a little more work for me. Moving outside where we can all get some sunshine and our hands dirty. Back in to make dinner while they continue to play. Husband home, dinner eaten, bedtime stories read. A bit of homework and me time, generally extending further than it should, so that I curse myself again in the morning.

It sounds taxing, and it is. It sounds boring, which it sometimes might be. It sounds stressful, which it is at times. It sounds all-consuming, which it is by definition.

But none of these things are bad.

I spend a lot of time prioritizing tasks (though, like I said, often not sleep). I spend a lot of time multitasking. I spend many days running from putting out one fire to the next. This is my life and I love it.

Parenting will change you. Parenting will consume you. But you will be happier than you can even comprehend. Every minute will count more. You do not know love until you hold someone you created in your arms.

So don’t be afraid to become a parent, no matter how daunting a task it may seem, because your life will be more amazing than you can imagine.


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