Newsletter-March/April 2013

IMG_0480Hey Girls!

Once again, I’ve neglected to do a newsletter for a month. Hopefully it’ll be easier now that I’m out of school for the next four months, though I’m guessing it’ll be considerably more difficult when I have to go back to school full-time in the fall. Oh well, it’s all a part of life.

Peanut, you’ve decided that everything is a microphone. You will grab anything that’s relatively long and fits easily in your hand and sing into it while dancing. Your favorite song right now is I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift (don’t blame me, it was the radio!) and you’ll sing and dance to it like crazy. You love to grab the handle of the locked sliding glass door and swing back and forth. You’re also making up little dances for people. You told me last week that you were making a dance for Mema for Mother’s Day and actually followed through today by doing a dance for her when we saw her. Sure, it’s not quite Mother’s Day yet and I’m pretty sure it was a different dance, but it’s awesome that you remembered. It’s also awesome that you care enough about holidays to give people gifts. Makes me really curious what you’ve been whispering with daddy about.

Another favorite thing recently is doing your hair just like mama's.

Another favorite thing recently is doing your hair just like mama’s.

It’s amazing how much your imagination is blooming. I swear about every 5 minutes at home you try to get me to play a game. Generally it’s something along the line of “I’m the mommy, you’re the grandma, and Twig is the baby” or some other combination of familial ties. Often you spice it up by adding specific type of family, like we’re all cats or birds. I have approximately 30 minutes a day that I can totally engross myself in this type of play before I start to pull my hair out (I never said I was perfect), but when you’re with other little girls it can go on for hours.

And you cut your hair by yourself while mama was putting sister down for a nap.

And you cut your hair by yourself while mama was putting sister down for a nap.

Last week you ended preschool for the summer. I know you were pretty sad to say goodbye to your friends for the summer, or for some of them that are entering kindergarten next year, forever. We made cookies for your teachers who said they were sad to see you go and kept talking about how smart you are in the end of year parent teacher conference. We got a nifty little book with pictures of you and information on all of your emotional, physical, and mental skills. Your teachers are very happy with how you can write all of your letters (I think some of the kids in your school only write the ones in their names) and how you know all the sounds to the letters. They said that over the summer, we can work on writing lowercase letters (you mostly choose uppercase) where appropriate and sounding out words if you’re interested. They were also impressed about how much you love the science sections of class (and how patient you are about trying new options when your hypothesis doesn’t work out). You’re really a very smart little girl!

Playing with your bandaid after tripping and scraping your knee at the park.

Playing with your bandaid after tripping and scraping your knee at the park.

Twig, you’re a little handful! I remember this being a tough age for Peanut too. You’re a determined little thing! After we finally got steady on crawling up and down the stairs, you decided that you needed to walk. Now every time that we go up or down stairs, you’ll say “Ma!” and reach for my hand to steady you. At least you’re doing that now though, because when you first started you really thought you could do it all by yourself, which scared mama quite a bit. Now you’re a bit more steady and walk up some stairs on your own, like the small stairs at our house (we live in a split level, so there’s only 5 stairs to each floor), but I make sure you don’t try to handle anything too scary on your own. This determination also extends to other things, like going on the biggest slide you can find over and over (even after hitting your head on it) or running down a hill over and over until you can handle it gracefully.

IMG_0736You’re also pretty possessive, which I can’t blame considering how much you girls take things away from each other. If I ask you for something that you don’t want to give, you whip your hands away from me and clutch it to you. In the rare cases that we really do have to take it away, you have an absolute fit, complete with flopping on the ground and thrashing around crying. I swear Peanut was older when she started to do that! But every kid is different and Peanut didn’t have a big fit-throwing sister to watch. Luckily though, we can generally get away with getting something away from you by asking you “a-way” in a sing-song voice like in music class, to which you’ll put whatever you have in your hand or mouth into the container I’m gesturing towards about 90% of the time. It’s super handy!

IMG_0552You love to do anything that big sister does. So many things that Peanut hadn’t even considered doing until she was about a year older you have to try because sister does it. You love the slide (like mentioned above), coloring, playing dress-up (though this one started about 4-5 months ago when you’d bring me pieces of laundry out of the basket and have me help you put them on), picking your own clothes, reading books (though for limited time periods before you request to nurse), and so many other things. It all makes you seem so grown up! I often have to remind myself that you’re only 15 months old, which isn’t too difficult when you start teething again (this time, it’s canines, so we’re almost done!).

Well girls, here’s to a happy summer. I’m sure we’re going to have a ball (and maybe mama will pull out just a little bit of hair) being with each other all day every day for the next four months. I’m excited for all the things we get to do, and especially all the things we get to not do, like leave the house! It’ll be grand.

Love, Mama


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