Breastfeeding Basket Updates

Over the last few months, I’ve had some breakthroughs with my breastfeeding basket construction. I stopped sharing the baskets on here because it started to feel repetitive. I’ve continued to work on the baskets as baby showers come up (which is pretty frequently in my age group) and I think they’re getting pretty awesome.

First is a basket I did for a baby shower back in December. For this basket I did my regular routine, but tried to personalize it a bit more. As you can see, I added flannel burp cloths (pattern of which is determined by what I think the mother-to-be would like) based off some my friend gave me when Twig was born (tutorial found here). They were super easy, cheap (especially if you find a coupon), and a great way to add a little bit of a personal touch to the basket. For instance, this mom owns a comic book shop and part of her nursery theme is lions. I was so lucky to find this flannel (it’s superhero zoo animals)!

Second, I added a knitted toy. Another part of this mom’s nursery is The Nightmare Before Christmas, so she got a knitted Zero.

Lastly, I spiced up the tags that go on each item (explaining what the item is or why I’ve decided to put it in the basket, examples of what they say below). I started off with doing hearts from a paper punching machine I bought once while making thank you notes. These are cute, but I realized it’s another way to personalize the basket. This mom got spiders, to go along with the idea of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Yeah, that's taken in my car with my iPhone. I always forget to take pictures of these things until the last minute.

Yeah, that’s taken in my car with my iPhone. I always forget to take pictures of these things until the last minute.

On this next basket, I added a book. I have always wanted to add a book (or maybe even two, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and The Baby Book), but it’s been out of my budget. I realized that just because I can’t afford to put my favorites in every basket doesn’t mean I can’t include a book at all. So now whenever I go to the thrift store or local kid’s consignment store, I keep an eye out for breastfeeding books. Thus far I’ve found two and I’ve scanned through them to make sure they don’t say anything awful (a la scheduling or the like) and they’ve been good. This one included Breastfeeding: A Parent’s Guide by Amy Spangler, IBCLC and the next one included Why Should I Nurse My Baby? by Pamela Wiggins, IBCLC. This basket also got the updated personalized things from the last basket (giraffe burp rags because of the invitation, a Hungry Hungry Caterpillar because it was a book on her registry, and bow tie labels because she had bow tie stuff on her registry).

On this last basket, I had a bit extra fabric after making the burp rags (cool trick if you’re shopping at Joann’s and probably other similar fabric stores, once you’ve chosen a fabric, look around to see if there are any bolts that are just over a yard. Most of the time for me, there is. When they’re cutting your fabric, they’ll see you have a little extra and ask if you want the rest at end of bolt prices. Score extra fabric for 50% off!) so I decided to try making some breast pads. Here’s the tutorial for those. It was super easy and I was able to make her 6 burp rags and 4 breast pads from just under 1.5 yards. I also included a brochure to a local babywearing group. She also got the items mentioned above from the last two baskets (I love mommy/I love daddy burp rags that match the blanket my mom is making, a knitted wool diaper cover since she’s planning to cloth diaper, football labels since it’s a football themed shower and the baby’s name is Eli, and the book mentioned above).


Lastly, here’s the tags that I put on the items. Here are the things that they’re for, from top to bottom and left to right: the breast pads I made, babywearing group brochure, pregnancy tea, disposable breast pads, lanolin, reusable water bottle (check the dollar store for these!), mother’s milk tea, tear sheets that may not be necessary, La Leche League info card, the book, general breastfeeding info, diaper cover, burp rags, snack bars, just attached to the basket saying who it’s from.

Hope this info helps anyone trying to make a breastfeeding basket! Share your baskets you’ve made in the comments below!


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