Newsletter – May 2013

Hello girls!

This last month just flew by! We’ve been having a ton of fun being out of school and getting on each other’s nerves a bit, but still it’s great. Mother’s Day was this month and you guys made me a block tower and a card (on which Peanut wrote “I love you” about 50 times). We also spent almost every day this month confirming that we’re not going to the ocean quite yet (we leave at the end of June!). It’s been just grand.

IMG_0981Twig, you are just so amusing now. If I ask you if you want something (like food, for instance) and you really, really want it, you say “Yeah!” It sounds more like “Ah!” though and it’s super cute. You also started saying duck, in the context of playing Duck, Duck, Goose of course! Peanut has been begging to play pretty much since you were born and we decided a couple of weeks ago that you may kind of grasp the concept now. And you do! Well, for the most part. You were initially just amused that you could smack us on the head as hard as you could and yell “da!” Pretty soon though, you figured out the best part of Duck, Duck, Goose is that you get to run away from people! Now you almost always goose on the first person you come to (usually still yelling “da!”) and run away squealing. This has developed into loving to run and chase or run away from your sister all the time.

IMG_0870Really, you love to mimic Peanut in general. Is Peanut leaning against the couch? You must lean against the couch. Is Peanut dancing? You must dance. Peanut is playing babies? You must play babies (to be fair though, you quite enjoy playing babies without Peanut too). Quiet time (a mandatory hour of time where Peanut has alone time in her room every day), when it doesn’t coincide with your nap, is about your least favorite time of the day. What are you supposed to do without your big sister to mimic? Really, it works in my favor the majority of the time though. If you’re both outside and I need you to come in, all I have to do is convince Peanut to come inside. 90% of the time you’ll follow her. It can also work against my favor though when Peanut decides to do something really foolish (like trying to walk on the side of the railing the stairs are on), you’ll immediately decide you need to do it too. Then when she stops, you decide you need to keep working on mastering that new skill. Blerg.

IMG_0885Peanut, you’re pretty hilarious too. Lately you love to tell me how much prettier you are than me. If I’m putting on make-up (a rare occurrence out of laziness), you tell me about how you don’t need make-up because you are so much prettier than me. Or if someone gives me a compliment you immediately tell them that you’re prettier than me. I don’t feel offended by it. Honestly, I love how candid kids are at this age.

You’re also telling me lately all of the stuff you want to be when you grow up. For a while, it changed as often as you change your underpants (which is daily, thank you very much). Monday-bus driver, Tuesday-chef, Wednesday-lady at the recycling center that scoops compost into the truck, etc. Now though, it’s the same thing every day–astronaut. Your daddy couldn’t be more pleased. He’s mostly pleased because it means that you need to be an engineer, which he thinks is the only logical college degree. I pointedly bring up that I am not going to school to become an engineer. He’s a jerk like that (don’t worry, it’s in a funny way).

IMG_0893And again, I’m amazed with your memory. When we were trying to sell our van, we had to take it to Salt Lake for a company to look at it. Right when we got into the van, you asked me about the movie with the blue dog. You see, a month or two before this, we were looking through our few DVDs and you asked to watch a Blues Clues one. I told you we couldn’t because we had gotten the case out of the car, but had forgotten the actual DVD in the van’s player. You remembered from that long ago! And then when we did sell the van a week later, you were adamant that we get the DVD out of the player. Apparently it’s a good one! You’re also getting really good at reading your calendar. Every morning when you wake up you cross off yesterday (often before I’m even out of bed) with a big black marker. Then you tell me what date it is and, when asked, you’ll scan up to figure out what day of the week. You also enjoy that I put what’s happening on that day (and get pretty frustrated when I forget) so that you know what’s coming up. We drew on a car for when we leave for the beach and you love looking at it.

Until next month,



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