The Milky Way Movie Kickstarter

As I’m sure you all know by both the title of this blog and my past works, I’m a big supporter of breastfeeding. Not only that, I actively fight against the stigma associated with breastfeeding and the booby traps set by formula companies. I work really hard on this blog to help spread knowledge about the benefits of breastfeeding (or more correctly the risks of not breastfeeding), the truth of how to really succeed in your breastfeeding journey, and to normalize breastfeeding for the public.

So when I found the movie The Milky Way, back probably a couple years ago, I was very excited. It’s all about these things I fight for. It’s about how the formula companies make money off of a mom’s breastfeeding failure, but still play the wolf in sheep’s clothing by pretending they want to help you succeed. It’s about how so many different organizations (the American Academy of Pediatrics, your hospital, etc) have been paid enormous amounts of money by formula companies. It’s about how America has sexualized breasts to the point where we’re constantly being bombarded by images trying to sell us everything from cars to candy with boobs on top, but moms everywhere are being told to cover up or go nurse in a bathroom. It’s about it all.

This movie is now in the editing process. When I heard this, I immediately thought “Great! It’ll be done soon!” The truth is there’s still a lot of work to be done. That’s why they’ve started this Kickstarter campaign. The idea with Kickstarter is that a group can use it to raise funds and people pledge to donate. They have a certain time limit that they must raise the funds they’ve requested in or they don’t get any of it. If they don’t raise it, your money stays in your bank account. If they do raise it, your money is debited when the time allotted is up. Honestly, I think that site is overused. In this case though, I’m actually using my own money to donate.

First off, by donating, you’re not just donating to the film. Personally, I’ll be at least hitting the $15 mark, because that’s where you get a digital download of the movie itself. Smaller amounts also get things and bigger amounts get more things. It’s actually a pretty cool system.

Second, I really do think this movie needs to be made. We’ve all seen what The Business of Being Born has done for birth. So many of my friends who would never have considered natural birth are doing it now because they saw that movie and it opened their eyes. We need everyone’s eyes open in regards to breastfeeding. Especially in regards to how formula companies actively work against your breastfeeding success. We need this to happen. We need this movie to be made.

So, today I’m asking you all to donate to this wonderful cause. Help this movie to be made so that we can spread the world about how our country’s view of breastfeeding is so skewed and work to fix it. For breastfeeding to truly be accepted in our society we need to lay all these things on the line. Again, I say we need this movie to be made. 

Disclaimer: I was not paid or otherwise compensated at all for this post. All thoughts are my own. 


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