Really Similac, Really?

Similac for Supplementation?!?

Have you all heard of this new Similac for Supplementation?

I just saw the commercial a couple nights ago when I was watching Modern Family on Hulu. I generally don’t watch commercials because I record almost everything I watch and skip through them, but of course that isn’t an option on Hulu. So I’m watching my show and the commercials come on and I see this new formula.

I was livid. I couldn’t even explain why after sitting and pondering it to myself for a while. Now though, I think that I’ve nailed down what’s so wrong with this new formula.

First off, it’s implying that not all formulas are good enough for supplementing breast milk. Well, I’ll definitely agree that formulas are not the best way to supplement (can you say donated milk?), but sometimes it just has to happen. Just because I’m a breastfeeding advocate doesn’t mean that I don’t understand the benefits of formula being readily available. Anyway, back to the point. So if this one is for supplementing, does that mean that their other lines are not? So what if my store doesn’t carry this one or it’s more expensive or any of the other reasons I may not be able to buy it? So I’m not doing the best for my baby when supplementing if I don’t do it with this formula? Like we don’t already have enough mama guilt in this world.

Second, if you look at the page, probiotics are the big thing that make this “easier” for baby to digest. So just like DHA/ARA was the next big thing. And before that it was iron. When will it stop? When will they stop finding new and important things in breast milk to include in formula? When will we realize that there is no end to it because breast milk is infinitely better than formula can ever be by nature? If we did have readily available breast milk donations for moms who are struggling or help for those moms to get past that struggle (they list issues with pumping as a reason why you may want to supplement, how about we just help that mom overcome the issues instead of getting to the supplementing?). Formula is a good fourth (according to the World Health Organization) option, but fourth means it shouldn’t be what we automatically jump to.

Lastly, I’m plain mad that I had to watch this piece of garbage advertisement. Similac, as well as many other formula and baby product companies, clearly breaks the WHO International Code of Marking of Breast-milk Substitutes Every. Single. Day. And they do it so blatantly! They conceal their motives by saying that they want to “help you breastfeed” when they really want to sell you product. They send their formula home with you from the hospital or to your door for free “just in case.” This is all just so ridiculous! They should not be allowed to prey on new moms at the disadvantage to our next generation who grows on their sub-par substitute. All of their products are for supplementation. All of their products should be used as the last resort. Why do we allow them to get away with this? Ugh! It is just so frustrating!

So here we are, once again. I’m all fueled up with anger at a company that will never change its ways. I’m upset at a society that thinks it’s normal and okay to prey on new moms. I’m just downright flustered. Man, maybe I should stop watching Hulu.


6 thoughts on “Really Similac, Really?

  1. I find the whole thing maddening. People get their panties in a twist whenever the whole “formula vs breast feeding” topic comes up but what we need to realize is that formula should always be a last resort because it is an unnatural substance that will never replace or be equal to breast milk. Its not an insult to formula feeding moms and dads its just a fact. As you stated it is the 4th suggested option by the WHO. Research has shown that moms who planned to breast feed but ended up formula feeding give their children formula for longer than moms who chose to give formula from the start. All of the aggressive advertising is geared to sabotage the breast feeding relationships that new moms are trying to establish and its sickening. *You might not be able to tell but I get a little passionate about this topic 😉

  2. I totally understand that sometimes supplementing is necessary. I’m not one of THOSE lactivists. But how dare formula companies make something that is actually good for babies! What a terrible idea! It should be poison so families who have to resort to using formula feel properly guilty!

    • I agree that formula should be healthy, though it will never be as healthy as breastfeeding by nature. I don’t believe that some select formulas should be more healthy than others. So if you can’t get the healthier formula, whether because price or otherwise, your baby doesn’t get healthy food? That’s just wrong. Not nearly as wrong as helping moms succeed at breastfeeding (and never, ever belittling them or making them feel guilty because the SYSTEM failed them) so they’re not put in the position to have to buy formula in the first place.

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