Ogden Mother Told to Cover Up While Breastfeeding

How can something so beautiful, natural, and nourishing be considered lewd?

How can something so beautiful, natural, and nourishing be considered lewd?

I am outraged.

A mother was told to cover up while breastfeeding at a pool in North Ogden.

This town is in the same county as me. It’s a town that I go to school in. The town that I bring my child to pre-school in. The town where I do a great deal of my shopping and the town where I’ve nursed hundreds, if not thousands, of times. I am outraged.

There’s a twist though. I’ve heard countless stories of moms being hassled about nursing at pools. Most of them are a situation that I can kind of understand. No food in the pool makes the lifeguard believe there should be no nursing in the pool. It’s still not acceptable (Does that mean that my boobs can’t be in the pool at all because they provide food? And it’s not like there’s going to be bits of breast milk floating in the pool because I nursed in it.), but I can see how they can get to that conclusion. In this case she was told to cover up because seeing the act itself was offending others.

Luckily, the pool’s employees will be educated on the breastfeeding laws now. North Ogden’s City Manager has publicly stated that they were wrong and basically didn’t know better. And while shaken, the young mother (a group with notoriously low breastfeeding rates to begin with) was just shaken up, but it appears that she will be continuing to breastfeed her daughter. Other mothers who were less confident may have stopped nursing all together over an incidence like this.

So here we are, again, at the center of this breastfeeding in public argument. All the local stations are asking what others think (full of comments I’m just not going to let myself read because my angry internet messages are not going to change the minds of idiots). All my nursing friends are in an uproar. All of this when it was just a couple years ago that a mom was harassed for breastfeeding in a Whole Foods just 45 minutes away from here. I guess ignorance lives everywhere.


One thought on “Ogden Mother Told to Cover Up While Breastfeeding

  1. When my son was a baby, 8 months or so, our whole baby group used to go swimming together every Thursday morning. So we’d have about a dozen moms and babies, and usually be sitting all around the baby pool together, breastfeeding at the same time. If one baby saw another eating, s/he would usually want to eat too. We never had anyone make any comment to us, although the pool was pretty empty at that time of day.

    Something odd I saw in the public pool the other day..a mom wading with her older kids (wearing a swimsuit of course), and carrying her sleeping newborn, who was fully-dressed. I guess she didn’t have any choice, as she had no one to leave her newborn with while she was swimming with the older kids, but odd still.

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