Newsletter – June 2013

Hello girls!

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks, which is why I’m just getting to posting about June. I’ll tell you more about it in the July newsletter, but we ended the month of June by leaving on vacation to the Oregon coast! It was a ton of fun, but I’m also happy that we’re back. Now on to the awesome developments of June!

IMG_1023Peanut, you are developing like crazy! I think it’s probably part of the reason that you’re being a bit moody. You started to use the swing all by yourself. To be fair, it’s a swing you push with your feet (pictured to the right). I’ve been showing you for a couple months now, but you could never keep the rhythm. But one day it just clicked. You push when you’re supposed to and keep going higher and higher. Honestly, I’m surprised that the swingset can withstand it! It makes me happy that we bought the kit to attach the set to the ground. Now we just have to install it! Oh come on, we’ve only had it for 3 months.

IMG_1172You’re also developing a lot mentally. We have some flash cards in our restaurant bag that have a word on one side and the picture on the other side. One day while we were waiting for our lunch, I asked you to sound out a word on one of the cards and you just told me what it was! You’ve “read” words to me before, but generally when they have a picture next to them of what they are, so I didn’t really count it as reading. With these though there’s absolutely no way you could have seen a picture, so you’re actually reading it! They’re really simple words like ball or cat and you often think a word is something different because it starts with the same letter (like thinking the word car is cat), but it’s definitely progress!

IMG_1221Another interesting development is your ability to tell jokes. It started with a knock knock joke (the one with the orange over and over and then banana). Now you love knock knock jokes, chicken crossing the road jokes, and even make up your own all the time! What’s even more awesome is that you actually get it. You genuinely think it’s funny when I say the gum crossed the road on the chicken’s foot. I can’t believe you’re only 4 sometimes! Typing all of this out makes it make more sense too. Of course you’re moody and tired and regressing in some things like potty training. Not only did we go on vacation, but you’re doing a lot of new things!

IMG_1035Twig, you’re doing some pretty cool stuff too! We have this book of animal signs that I got out of storage a couple months ago. I stuck it down in our tv room as something for you girls to flip through while the adults watch shows. You found it and took it over to daddy, who did all the signs with you through the whole book. Since then, you keep bringing him the book when we’re downstairs and wanting to do the signs. You even do some of them yourself. You sign bird (though it’s not up against your mouth, just pinching fingers where ever they already are) whenever you see one. Often when a point and then sign. You sign dog often too.

IMG_1093And you love telling us where your different body parts are too. I’m pretty sure it began with your belly button. I mean, who doesn’t ask a toddler where her belly button is just to see them lift up their shirt to show you their tummy? Cutest thing ever! But one day I was testing it to see how many you knew. You know nose (your favorite during which you like to touch everyone‘s nose after touching your own), mouth, tongue, hair, head, ears (you didn’t know this one at first, but know it now), toes (which were initially confused with nose and sometimes still is) and feet. I was pretty impressed with your vocabulary! Even without speaking the words, it’s still really impressive that you understand all those concepts.

IMG_1203Really, you’re pretty good at making what you want known without words. You take my hand and pull me to what you want or you point and say “yeah” or shake your head no to tell me if that’s what you want. You’re pretty clear when you really don’t want something or get frustrated because you break out in a complete tantrum. Today, which I realize is in July but is still a great example, you took your shoes and climbed up on the couch, then tried to put them on. When you couldn’t get them on, you started yelling “ma! ma! ma!” until I told you to bring them to me. You brought them to me and I put them on you. Then you went over to grandpa and started handing him his shoes. After getting on his shoes, you started pointing at the door to go outside. When he said just a minute, you took off his shoes and put on a different pair, then tried to get him to go out again! It was pretty funny.

Well, off to have more fun on our summer vacation!



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