The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

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I didn’t discover The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding until I was pregnant with Twig. Until then, the internet was my main resource.

I had always assumed that the internet would be better because it has more up to the date information. It’s just a fact that you can’t update a whole book as easily as you can a web page. What I’ve come to figure out though is that more up to date doesn’t always mean better.

On the internet, there is a wealth of information-which is a double edged sword. Lots of information is great, but overwhelming. And a lot of the information is just plain wrong. Sometimes you just need the basics. Something tried and true. The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding is exactly that.

I got it from the library for information on tandem nursing. To be honest, that section is a little lacking (though it’s so different for each mom, so I understand it not being so extensive). What made me decide to buy it was everything else.

Day by day guides, answers to more problems than I can even think of, and especially those tear sheets at the back of the book. It’s all just so wonderful.

So I bought a copy (and to put it into perspective, I don’t buy that many books) and it was a valuable resource when Twig was small. I had been through it before, but there are so many little things that you just forget between having your first baby and second. I found the Magic Baby Hold to be helpful in the evening when nothing would calm her down.

I lent out the book to a friend a few times when they had small babies and I was happy to help. Every time though, I’d miss my copy. Something would come up and I would think “Oh if I could just look this up really quick.” Or I’d be writing a blog post and want to use it as a reference. Or even once I used it as an example in one of my public speeches for school.

I love this book so much that one day I would like to include one in each of my breastfeeding baskets. We are lucky enough that our local La Leche League is donating a copy for the breastfeeding basket that I’m making for the Ogden Mini Cafe and Big Latch On (come join us one week from today!).

So if you’re a mom looking for your go-to resource, check out this book. It’s worth it.


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