Target Nursing Tanks

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Call me a plain Jane. Call me boring. Call me cheap. But my favorite nursing wear is Target nursing tank tops.

I’ve tried other nursing wear. When I was still pregnant, I got a really expensive nursing bra. I should have known better and not bought that kind, but it makes me feel like a grandma. I’ve tried other tank tops, but they all have weird snaps or feel off to me (like the ones with just the hole for your nipple to poke out. What is that?!). I even got a fancy nursing bra to review that I love the looks of, but just don’t feel like putting forth the effort of wearing every day.

I wore them after I had Peanut and I wear them now. They’re comfortable enough that I can wear them day and night without pain. They’re supportive enough that I don’t feel like I’m flopping around everywhere (though, to be honest, they don’t really do much for the looks of my breasts). They cover my stomach for the rare times that I do have to lift a shirt up to nurse. I just love them.

With all that said though, I think it might be time to make the switch. With school coming up in the fall and with Twig’s less frequent nursing, I think it might be time to switch to a more womanly bra. I did the same thing around this time with Peanut. It’s just part of my nursing progression I guess.

But even with making the switch, I’m sure they won’t be retired for good. With a toddler nursing in the night and the fact that these things are just so darn comfortable, I’m sure I’ll be wearing them regularly at home.

I think that’s the sign of good nursing wear-it’s so great that you never really want to give it up.


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3 thoughts on “Target Nursing Tanks

  1. same goes for pregnancy clothes. Some I’ve just kept wearing, and people would comment on them because they looked so nice… Asking me where I got them and then I shamefully had to admit that in fact, they’re pregnancy clothes

  2. I get so jealous when all my nursing mom friends talk about their cheap Target nursing tanks! Everyone seems to just LOVE those nursing tanks, but sadly, they don’t cut it for my enormous rack 🙂 I love knowing about them to suggest to other nursing moms, though!

  3. I love your last statement – clothes so comfy, you can’t give them up! Even though they are starting to show their wear, there are some nursing items I just can’t give up 🙂 Happy breastfeeding to you and your nursling!

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