My Husband’s Unexpected Support

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aIMG_3671During my first pregnancy, I wasn’t really sure how my husband would react to breastfeeding. I knew that he didn’t really like the idea of me baring my breasts in front of other people (and neither did I at that time). Though I knew that he was supportive of it because of the benefits and because it was something that was important to me.

After Peanut was born, I quickly became a breastfeeding advocate. My husband had to listen to many hours of my explanations of why breast milk is so great and how booby traps try to hinder a mom’s breastfeeding success. I assumed that he mostly listened to support me and that the information wasn’t really going to stick.

Oh boy was I wrong.

Throughout these past 4+ years of breastfeeding, my husband has become an advocate in his own right. He doesn’t actively search out new information, but he does remember what I tell him and happy passes that information along. He’s not just married to the crazy hippy woman, he believes in quite a bit of the crazy himself.

IMG_8836aAnd when Peanut was just a few months old, she decided that a cover over her head was of the devil. I nursed in front of a La Leche League group without my cover once and it gave me courage. So when we were at a friend’s house and she needed to nurse, I did it without the cover. Given past conversations about breastfeeding and covering up, I expected my husband to make a fuss. Instead he remarked later on how little could be seen.

I always say to my husband “I knew who you were before I married you.” Usually it’s in a silly way like I knew that he can’t listen for his life or I knew he’d want to spend most of free time in front of a screen. Really though, I think expectations are an important part of a marriage. You can’t expect your partner to suddenly turn into a different person than they were the day before your wedding. On the other hand though, he’s still able to surprise me. When he agrees with my crazy decisions or even fights on my side to support them, he blows me away. And in this case, not knowing what was coming turned out to be a great thing.



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