Three Years and Two Months

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Spiderman nursing at 26 months.

Spiderman nursing at 26 months

I’ve spent a lot of the last year feeling guilty.

I try to talk myself out of it and I still know it was the right thing to do, but I still feel that twinge of guilt when I think about how I forced my child to wean. I still feel abashed when I tell other moms my experience with weaning. My logic tells me it’s okay, but my heart says it’s not.

It doesn’t help that she still asks to nurse. The frequency has gotten less and less, but just a week ago she tried to convince me she should try one more time. It doesn’t help that when she’s sick, it’s always worse than little sister that still nurses. It doesn’t help when I hear other moms talking about nursing older children or tandem nursing and loving it. It doesn’t help when I still have days that I feel so frustrated for her and it all seems to have been in vain.

But I’m deciding right here and now that I’m done with it. I’m done feeling guilty. I’m done feeling like I did something wrong or let my daughter down.

I’m ready to celebrate.

To celebrate this wonderful victory of having nursed over three years. To celebrate the wonderful, independent, and sometimes monstrous child my nursling has become during her time nursing and since stopping. To celebrate that we made it as far as we did and I truly gave her the best start to her life.

Weaning wasn’t how I had imagined it, but that doesn’t negate the rest of our wonderful breastfeeding years. I’m proud to have nursed my daughter as long as I did. This is my success story.


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