Nature Paintbrushes

I can’t remember where I came up with this idea, but I know it’s not my own. The basic idea is that you gather items out in nature and then use them as paint brushes. It’s one of the things on our Summer Bucket List and we’re getting down to the wire here, so we’re doing one item each day.

First we went on a walk around the block and the girls were told to gather anything that they thought would make a good paintbrush. We brought a big bag along and this is what we ended up with.


Then I put out a big piece of freezer paper for them to paint on and just put the paint on top of it. At first I contemplated putting the paint on a separate paper, but I’m happy I didn’t because Twig mostly just smeared the paint around in the place I put it.


Peanut wore her painting shirt and Twig was naked (yes, I blurred her bits). It’s just easier to have toddlers naked because she got pretty covered in paint. Anyway, I just let them go at it.







This is what happens if mama walks away for even a second.

This is what happens if mama walks away for even a second.

All in all, this was a really fun activity. The painting, as you can see in the pictures, is mostly just smears of paint. I think older kids would have understood better that you’re supposed to make prints with the leaves and stuff, but I’m okay with it. The paper is still laying on the ground outside and Twig gets really proud every time we walk past it.


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