Newsletter – July 2013

DSC_0489Hey girls!

Summer is in full swing (and actually almost over, which is sad) and we’re taking full advantage of it. We started off July on the Oregon Coast and we had a ball. We went to the beach every day, even when it was cold and severely windy (which was most of the time) and visited a ton of fun places. I’ll post more pictures later. After we got back we ran around swimming and playing and going to the park and just loving summer. It’ll be nice to slow down and go back to school, but I’ll miss the freedom we have now of doing all the fun things whenever we want. Bittersweet.

DSC_0036Twig, we’re pretty sure you’re left-handed. You always favor it. You eat with your left hand, you play with your left hand, you reach with your left hand. So while it’s not “for sure” at this point, I think it’s pretty darn obvious. And it’s not very surprising, given that your great aunt was left-handed and so is your uncle (as well as various other family members). Honestly, I think it’s pretty cool. It’s going to be interesting to teach things left-handed when both mama and daddy are right-handed, but we’ll figure it out.

Looking at yourself in the forward-facing camera on my phone.

Looking at yourself in the forward-facing camera on my phone.

You’ve also figured out how to jump, which is awesome. One day we were all dancing (probably to Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, which is your favorite song) and you were bouncing like you always do, but I realized that you were actually leaving the ground. Usually it starts with bouncing and then you end up actually jumping a few times and then you fall on your butt. Then you laugh and laugh. It’s awesome.

You're the queen of the cheesy smile.

You’re the queen of the cheesy smile.

You’re also talking a lot more. You point and sign bird at every bird we see. You yell “duh!” at ducks. For the longest time you would say “yeah!” whenever we asked you a question, but now it’s changed to “uh-huh.” We’ve tested it and any time that we ask you something in a happy voice, you say “uh-huh.” You do understand it too though, because when we say something like “Do you want mommy to pick you up?” you say “uh-huh” and come over to be picked up. You’ll mimic a lot of sounds back at us too. Like if we ask you to say up you’ll say “uh!” and things like that. You also say other awesome words like tickle (“ti-ti” while trying to tickle someone) or mama (or “mooooom!!!” if you want my attention) and dada (you screamed it the other day when he got home from work because you were so excited). Talking kids are awesome.

DSC_0399Peanut, speaking of talking, you’re awesome at it. It occurred to me the other day that you speak about 95% in adult speak. You’ll say full sentences in the exact way that I do, such as “Alright, let’s go to the store.” Everything you say makes perfect sense and other adults understand you about 80-90% of the time (and most of the clarifications are from you being too quiet or them not paying attention). You do occasionally mix up her and she or you don’t know that a word doesn’t follow the normal rules of speech (like today you said “writed” instead of “wrote”). Really though, you are amazingly verbal and know how to use it.

IMG_1252You also love to play UNO, which I thought was going to be way too advanced for you. While we were at the beach house earlier this month, we started playing Yahtzee and you can do that mostly (but with some help on deciding which place would be best for the number to go for your score). The way there and back though, you played UNO every night and you love it. You keep making UNO dates with people and you insisted that Oma bring UNO to the family reunion that we went to (once you heard that games were coming). You love playing it so much that we’re going to buy our own set and probably some other board games too. You’ve loved Shoots and Latters and Candy Land for ages, but I think you’re on to a new level of gaming. Considering mama and daddy love games, we just think this is great.

IMG_1289Lastly, you started dance again. We went to a friend’s day with one of your friends and you just loved it. It was actually at the studio that we used to go to (but a different location). I’m amazed the difference that a year makes because you remember everything they teach you in class and you come home and teach it to me and sister. We do all the stretches and you know all the little intricacies. You love going every week. You also have even more motor skill than I thought you did. You were able to jump up to a bar a few inches above your hands and grab onto it and hold on. I had no idea you could do that! We’ll probably just stay in dance class the minimum 2 months because this fall will be pretty full with music and preschool, but I’m happy we got the opportunity to try it out again.

Well, until another month!



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