Call For Guest Posts

Hello all!

The semester has started. It’s truly bitter-sweet. Nice to have the rhythm back, but at the same time an immediate feeling of being overwhelmed. Oh, the life of a student!

I’m taking a quick break from the already building pile of homework to make a request to you all. I plan on still posting regularly when I can find the time, but it makes me sad to have this blog sit here without new information! So I’m looking for guest posts!

I’ll take posts on a variety of topics, but here are some that I had in mind:

  • birth stories (home, birth center, or hospital! natural or not!)
  • breastfeeding success (big or small!) stories
  • overcoming obstacles while breastfeeding
  • breastfeeding through challenging or unusual circumstances
  • breastfeeding in public
  • tandem nursing
  • siblings in general

Posts need to be new content and may be reposted on your own site after 60 days have passed, so long as you put a blurb about it originally being posted here with a link back to it. I prefer guest posts to have pictures (please provide me with credit if the photos are not your own), but it’s not required. I do not allow sponsored content (though affiliate links are okay if relevant to the post and you put a notification such as “This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.”), so please do not contact me if this is the kind of post you will provide. I also require my guest posters to have personal experience with the topic that they are writing on, as opposed to simply Googling and typing up what they find. Lastly, you will need a bio at the bottom of the post (links back to your personal pages or websites are encouraged!) with some sort of photo to represent yourself (does not necessarily need to be of you).

If you’re interested in doing a guest post, please email me at theadventuresoflactatinggirl {at} gmail {dot} com telling me what you plan on writing on and when you will be submitting it. I always accept guest posts, but the idea for this particular request is this semester, which is now until the beginning of December.

Thanks everyone!

And here's a cute picture of the girls doing some "school work" of their own.

And here’s a cute picture of the girls doing some “school work” of their own.


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