mamatea Nursing Mama Tea Review and Giveaway Ends 9.13.13

f6bc487dd1c8ee310d14a5a423ae4930I’ve been putting Mother’s Milk tea in my breastfeeding baskets for ages, but to be honest, I don’t really like it. It’s not that I think it doesn’t work–I’ve heard wonderful things about it. It’s just that it tastes bad.

I’m not a huge herbal tea fan. Honestly, I don’t even like green tea–black is my thing. So when Kim from mamatea emailed me asking if I’d like to review a good tasting nursing tea, I jumped on the chance!

When my tea arrived, it was packaged in a cute little container with a personal note. I was a bit baffled though, because there was no bag! I emailed Kim, who apologized for not including a steeping ball and offered to send one, but I told her I thought I could do it with my mesh metal strainer. I boiled the tea in some water and let it steep, then I put the mesh strainer over my cup and poured the liquid through it. It doesn’t get every little thing, but the little bits left don’t bother me.

But did it really taste good like she said? Yes!

I was skeptical, to say the least, when I poured my tea. Like I said, I’m not big on non-black teas. I was thoroughly surprised when I genuinely liked it! It’s not what I’d call an herbal tea, but it does have hints of different flavors in it. I especially love when I get a nice chunk of orange in my pot. Mmm. Add a bit of honey and it’s extra delicious.

So beyond the flavor of it, does it work? Given my inexperience with drinking tea to increase my supply, I asked Kim for some advice. My supply dips in the evening (pretty common) and this hasn’t been an issue until recently. Miss Twig appears to be going through her 18 month sleep regression and I was certain that if I could get my supply up at that bedtime nursing session that she would actually go to sleep for me. I asked Kim how to best do this and she said that mostly the tea will bring up your supply overall, but if I drink the tea right after my nursing session prior to the bedtime one, that it may help to give that extra boost. Given Twig’s sporadic nursing times, I decided to just make my tea every day at 5PM.

Truth be told, I’ve been bad at remembering to drink my tea. Really though, it’s helped me to realize the amazing difference on days that I drink tea versus days I don’t! It really doesn’t effect my supply until about 2 days after I drink it, but even that one cup does wonders. And not only does it increase my supply for the bedtime feeding, but it helps with my supply all night long. Rather than having to fight to get letdown at night, the milk starts flowing almost immediately after she latches. You wouldn’t think this would matter much for my 19 month old, but it gets her back to sleep so much more quickly–and she unlatches! Along with the whole sleep regression bit, she has been trying to stay latched on the breast All. Night. Long. I know this doesn’t bother some moms (and really it doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it did with Peanut was younger), but I don’t sleep very well stuck in the same position with a toddler on me all night. An unexpected and welcomed bonus!

Shortly after receiving the tea to review, I had the idea that Kim may want to be involved in the Breastfeeding Cafe Silent Auction. She mentioned to me that she recently moved to Utah, so I thought it would be a great way for her to get involved with local projects and, of course, a great way for us to get more donations to the auction. Kim happily donated 3 containers of tea, three reusable tea bags, and a steeping ball. I loved this tea so much that I bid on and won a tea and steeping ball combo! And not only did she donate these things for the auction, but gave us samples to put at the Breastfeeding Cafe!

So do I have you convinced? Do you want to buy some tea for yourself? There’s a special coupon for my readers! Use the coupon TAOLG2013 for 15% off any order to the first 15 people to use it! Or you can win some today! Here’s how:

Mandatory first entry (leave a comment for each entry!): Go to the mamatea site and check it out! Tell me in a comment which tea you think sounds the most delicious (or would help you most!). Be sure to use an email you can be contacted at in case you win!

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The winner will be chosen on Friday, September 13th at 5PM Mountain Standard Time by random. The winner will be emailed and must respond to the email within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen. Good luck everyone!

Giveaway over! The winner is Danielle Bosserman!


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