The Ultimate Breastfeeding Basket

Last month I was lucky enough to hold a Mini Cafe in Ogden for the Breastfeeding Cafe, as well as a site for the Big Latch On. I’ll be the first to admit that there were times where I wanted to back out and times where I felt completely over my head (thanks for convincing me otherwise Jillian!), but now that all is said and done, I am beyond happy that we did it. We even made the paper!

One of the side bonuses of doing the Mini Cafe was being able to make what I have deemed the Ultimate Breastfeeding Basket. I’ve been making breastfeeding baskets for years now and I feel like I’ve really refined the technique, but the thing that has always held me back is money. It would be nice to live in a perfect world where endless amounts of money could be spent on gifts, but sadly that’s just not the case. Especially with how many of these I end up making (I go to a lot of baby showers these days!), it’s just not financially responsible to go all out on every basket. This time though, with some awesome donations, I was able to do it. So now I present to you, The Ultimate Breastfeeding Basket


With donations from La Leche League of Ogden (The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding), Honey Bump Maternity (some awesome hair ties), and Baby Bump Maternity (Bamboobies), I was able to create pretty close to the perfect breastfeeding basket. Since this was a raffle item, I didn’t make the personalized items I usually put in the basket and I’m sure I could find more things to include, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. I especially loved the International Breastfeeding Symbols I used for tags. And from now on I’m going to add a little tag on the actual basket saying that it’s a breastfeeding basket because a lot of moms start pulling out items when they’re opening gifts at their baby shower because they don’t realize it all kind of goes together (plus isn’t that one cute!?).

What would/do you include in breastfeeding baskets? Anything you think would be really helpful for a new mom? 


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