Frozen Breakfast Burritos

Peanut working on her writing skills on a burrito.

Peanut working on her writing skills on a burrito.

During the school year, I tend to fall back into bad eating habits. This, of course, leads to general yucky feelings and a high risk of getting sick. Not so great for attending class or being alert and receptive while there.

So this year I decided to set us up for success. I made a bunch of healthy, whole foods crock pot freezer meals. I seriously cannot recommend these two ebooks enough (I’m not being paid or anything to say this either!). I also made a boatload of breakfast burritos so we can have something healthy and filling on the days where we’re running out the door.
I ended up making approximately 36 of these and they cost less than $2 each. Much more healthy and delicious than the things you could buy at McDonalds for a similar price. Another great thing about these is that you can change up the recipe to tailor towards your likes or what you happen to have in the fridge.
So here is a very general recipe for some awesome frozen breakfast burritos:
  • fried potatoes (hashbrowns, home fries, etc)
  • eggs (about 1/2 to 1 per burrito)
  • bacon/ham/sausage or a mixture of any/all
  • cheese (optional)
  • tortillas (one per burrito)

How I like to do it is by starting to fry up a big pan of potatoes. While those are frying, I cook the meats (we like to do some of each) and fry up a smaller pan of eggs. I mix the meat and eggs together and put cheese on if I’m going to do it (I skipped it this time just because I didn’t have enough in the fridge and didn’t want to go to the store). Once the cheese is melted and the potatoes are done cooking, I mix them all together in a big bowl. Then I heat up one tortilla at a time (we like to buy the delicious TortillaLand ones, so I’m actually cooking them as we go. Even if you buy pre-cooked ones though, you should heat them as you make the burritos so they’re easier to fold) and put a good amount of the innards into it without over-stuffing it. Then fold in on each side, turn it and fold in on the other two sides. Roll it up in a piece of tinfoil and store in the freezer! Simple as that! My ratios were about 6-8 eggs (just depending on how many we had in the fridge), 1/2 lb bacon, 1/4 package of sausage (we used links that come in packs of something like 16), about 1/2 a cup cubed ham, and quiet a few cups of fried potato for 12 burritos. I did mine in 3 sessions and probably spent about an hour each time including clean up. Not too shabby!

So go try out some breakfast burritos! You can do all sorts of changes. Add some onions and pepper! Switch out tofu for the eggs! Try out all of the things, then get back to me and tell me which are the best so I can try them! I’m certain I’ll be making more soon. These things are too good to last very long.


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