Cardboard Playhouse

This is a throwback from a couple years ago of a little house that I made for Peanut out of a cardboard box. I don’t think I ever posted it because it’s not very special or all that pretty. I threw it together hap-hazardly because I thought that Peanut would enjoy having a little playhouse. She loved it. I think it stayed in her room for close to a year and then it stayed outside for even longer (and just got recycled a few months ago, though by that point it wasn’t used much and was very full of spiders). That’s the thing about life though–it isn’t always Pinterest-worthy. Life is thrown together hap-hazardly and we still love it (and in this case play with it) like it cost a thousand bucks.



No steps. Just throw some paint on a box and add some strategically placed holes and embellishments. Then love the heck out of it until it’s thrown out.


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