Newsletter – December 2013

Hello again!

Back for another make-up addition of our newsletters! This time we’re rewinding to Christmastime.

Twig, this month your big word was “dee-ah” (Dea, which is Peanut’s name in real life for those who don’t already know). This, of course, was said with an emphasis on the “ah” part, so more like “dee-AH.” This became your favorite word for a LONG time. Still, months later, you go around the house calling for “dee-AH!” all the time. You used it in context “dee-AH?” (when asking me where she was) “dee-AH!” (while crying and pointing to where you were hurt, to tell me it was Dea’s fault) and so on. Peanut loved it too.

You also fell in love with green smoothies this month. I mean, most kids think those things are delicious (if they can get past the color), but you were OBSESSED. If I asked if you wanted a smoothie you’d freak out. Then when they were finished, you’d have yours gone before I even got mine poured. Delicious!

Peanut, this month you finished up with preschool early in the month, so we had plenty of time to hang out at home. You decided that we should make ornaments for all our family for Christmas and we settled on cinnamon ornaments in different shapes. You helped me with all steps of the process (even trying the dough, which you did NOT like) from poking holes in the ornaments to writing names on each one to give to people. Many family units got more than one because you wanted to make sure each person got their own.

We also got to play Santa to a little girl this year, which you loved. For the past couple of years, we had been letting you come to your own conclusions about Santa. I didn’t want to lie to you, but I also didn’t want to spoil the fun. This year though, I realized that by not saying anything, it was confirming that he does exist in your mind. So Daddy and I discussed it and decided to just flat out tell you the truth. We did this, of course, with a big dose of “don’t say anything to other kids though” which surprisingly seemed to really click with you. Your initial concern was that you wouldn’t get presents since there’s no Santa. I reminded you that the presents come from friends and family and you were okay after that.

With this new knowledge, I explained how Santa is more about the meaning of Christmas and this means helping others (a bit over your head, but you seemed to mostly get it). I told you that we could “be Santa” and help a little girl get presents who wouldn’t have them otherwise. So we went to Daddy’s work and picked a girl on the list that was the same age as you. At first I wasn’t sure if that would be a good idea because maybe you’d want the things we were buying for her, but you were just thrilled the whole time to be helping someone. We took them home and wrapped them immediately and took them back, all because you were so excited to return them. Even dropping off the presents there was nothing but pride on your face. You begged to do another, but we didn’t have it in our budget. Next year we’ll definitely be budgeting more for this.

You both had a wonderful Christmas. Peanut got a shared lego/train table (want), socks (need), What Does the Fox Say Woot Shirt (wear), and Ghosts in the House (read). Twig got a shared leg/train table (want), socks (need), winter coat (wear), and Clap Hands (read). Not that what you got was really that important, but more than you might be curious 20 years from now. Your biggest gift though, was finding out that you’re both going to be big sisters!

Love, Mama


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