Oh Crap Potty Training and Twig’s Potty Training Journey

I was not paid or given product for this review. I just loved this book and wanted to share it with all of you lovely people!

Last fall, I was getting pretty fed up with diapers. Twig was getting CONSTANT rashes and nothing I did (besides disposables and a thick layer of that white gook cream) helped her open sores. My kids just have ridiculously sensitive skin. She even had to have a pustule drained at the doctors office during her 18 month appointment, which I’ll tell you was not fun. Diapers needed to go. So I started looking around the internet for potty training resources and stumbled upon Oh Crap Potty Training.

This book was recommended by the lady who wrote EC Simplified (which I loved, even though I didn’t end up having the time/energy to devote to elimination communication), so I figured I’d like it. After reading more of the reviews, I realized this book sounded about perfect. No bribes, no charts, early training. All the good stuff. Let’s do this!

So I got my copy and read it immediately. Man, that was an easy read! I set our start date for Twig to begin training and in the mean time decided to start night training Peanut.

Peanut has been potty trained since she was just younger than two, but we still hadn’t tried to nighttime train. Everything I read online said you have to wait until they start waking to pee themselves or wake up dry, then that means they’re ready. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Jamie has a simple and non-punitive way to teach your child to wake up to pee in the night themselves (or hold it all night), regardless of age. It did take a couple months (she was 4.5 at this point, I think it would have been quicker if we started earlier) of waking Peanut to pee every night and limiting liquids after 5pm (while upping liquids in the earlier hours of the day to compensate), but she did learn to wake up and pee at night. If she pees before bed now, she’s good for the whole night. She also sleeps much more soundly now!

So back to Twig. We initially started back in October and things were going great. She started taking herself to the potty almost immediately, which is awesome, but caused some problems in the end. You see, I was so used to having a potty independent child that I relaxed on telling Twig to go try. I didn’t realize I was relaxing until one day I noticed she was back to peeing in her pants more than the potty. So I started to tell her again, but she resisted HARD. So it became a battle of wills between the adult and the toddler (never a good thing) and I decided that we were in need of a restart (also in the book!).

We did our restart in January (two weeks back in the diapers) and by the end we were both ready to give it another try. From that day it’s been smooth sailing. Yes, there have been accidents, but they’re getting more and more rare. At this point (3 months later) it’s down to maybe 2-3 a week. Often they’re in the act of trying to pull down pants or accidentally overshooting the potty. It could be lower I’m sure, but I’m not horribly worried about it. We’re both trying and that’s what matters to me.

Every time I’ve hit a snag, this book has been here to help me. Seriously, it has had EVERY problem in there with detailed explanations and suggestions (plus many problems we didn’t have, thank goodness!). We were really lucky that Twig almost immediately decided that poop goes in the potty (like she’s pooped in her undies all of a handful of times in this whole process), but if it’s something you’re struggling with, there’s a whole chapter on it. The explanation of how to carry out the whole process is amazing (and this comes from someone who is crazy about details. Must. Have. Details!). I can not even count the amount of times I’ve recommended this book so far. So I might as well do it on my blog too, right? Go buy this book! Now! Don’t get suckered in to waiting until your kid is “ready” or giving them m&ms for pooping in the potty. Just go buy it!

One thought on “Oh Crap Potty Training and Twig’s Potty Training Journey

  1. Just learned of your blog through our commenting group for this month’s Carnival of Natural Parenting. Either way, enjoyed reading this post because I just know I don’t know where/when/how to start with really potty training Baby Boy. He’s only 13 months now, but not knowing what’s “right” and knowing I want it to be somewhat natural yet directed is difficulty to figure out. Anyway, thanks! 🙂

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