Our Montessori Closet

We converted to this montessori style closet about a year ago after having most of everything else in the room along the montessori lines (which from what I understand is mostly that all things need to be at the child’s level). It was super easy to set up and it’s easy to maintain. The child-level bar for hanging clothes is a shower curtain bar (which has fallen down a few times because it’s just held up by pressure) and Peanut loves hanging their clothes on it for me. Dresses, shirts, shorts, pants, and skirts go here. Then in the back they each have a sock/underwear box and a PJs box. They’re both really good at putting away these clothes once I have them in piles from the laundry. The system is simple and we keep a relatively low amount of clothes on hand (enough for a 1.5 weeks, more if a child is potty training like Twig is) so it’s really easy to keep up with. If you’re looking for a closet solution, I definitely recommend giving this a try.

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