Our simple Mother’s and Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day! Today I decided to give you a glimpse into how we celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day in our house. Hope you like!

In our house, we don’t like to make a huge fuss about most holidays. I have tons of fun hiding eggs for Easter and my husband and I are particularly loving on valentines, but we just don’t turn every holiday into a big charade like seems to be the trend these days.

This especially applies to gifts. My husband and I both aren’t huge gift getters/receivers. Sure, we appreciate a well thought out token of affection and especially things that are useful, but we don’t exchange many gifts in general. We like to keep it minimalistic with either no gifts, something we already need, or an occasional treat.

When it comes to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we go no gifts. This doesn’t mean that we don’t make it a special day, but just that material things aren’t in the mix. Since I’m sure some of you are similar (or are searching out what to do for your parental celebration days), I decided to share our little tradition.

For the parent who we are celebrating, it starts with sleeping in. As parents, this doesn’t happen too often, so it’s a nice treat. Then breakfast made by others in the family, most definitely something that the parent loves to eat. Bonus points if it’s ready when they wake up from said sleeping in.

Next the presents. Wait, I thought you said no presents? Well sort of. No big explosion of things off amazon bought in secrecy. Instead, it’s homemade gifts from the girls. This year for Mother’s Day Peanut decided of her own accord to paint me a picture (then of course Twig had to do one too). We also love to do these All About my Mom/Dad printables. I love having something I can save and get a look into who they were and what they thought of me at that age. It’s really fun to see how their answers change. My husband and the girls also like to pick flowers from our garden and make me a little bouquet. Lastly, the parent gets to generally rest for the day as much as possible. Relax and take a load off sort of thing.

For the grandmas/grandpas, they get the same treatment of gifts from the girls and I try to do a craft they can keep for a long time. I really like to do things with handprints/fingerprints to see how they change over the years. This year we made this fingerprint flower for the grandmas and last year we framed these photos for the grandpas. Simple things that stick around at the grandparents houses.

So there’s how we celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day around here. It’s simple, but still full of love and appreciation for the person we’re celebrating. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or make things complicated to create a tradition and, in my opinion, free heart-felt “gifts” are much more meaningful than running into the grocery store for a bouquet of roses anyhow.


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