Moving to a Playroom

Sleeping in their new big bed with daddy.

A few weeks ago, my in-laws offered us a bigger bed since they were upgrading one of the queens in their house to a king. Since my husband often ends up in the bed with both girls (trying to get Twig to stick to the transition we’ve made to her sleeping with Peanut), the full size we bought earlier this year was a little crowded. We decided to take them up on the offer, but in the process realized that the extra few inches each direction would make their bedroom mighty cramped. So we decided to move all their toys into our “Magic Room” (which actually has no Magic: The Gathering cards in it anymore as my husband has moved them all downstairs, so it’s more of a craft/storage room) and make that into a half craft/storage room and half playroom.

Newton stealing their new reading nook in their bedroom for a nap.

I thought long and hard about whether or not to move the toys. It seems like such a simple decision, but of course I had to overthink it. Will this make their amount of toys get out of hand? Will it always stay dirty because it’s more out-of-sight? Will they even use it since it’s further away from people than their bedroom is? I decided it would be worth it to at least give it a try. And thus far I’m really happy we made the switch.

Enjoying their new freedom of unlimited access to the supplies on their new craft table.

Even with their low amount of toys (I try really hard not to increase their toy amount by doing things like “one toy in, one toy out” at holidays and then regularly cleaning out things that are broken/junk/no longer used), it was a pretty large endeavor to get everything shifted around. In the process the only thing we added was a bigger table for crafts (happily donated by my mom) since Peanut was really not satisfied with coloring on the little Ikea Lack table that was in their room previously (she would take her coloring down to the kitchen table every time she wanted to color, which is every day). Thus far we’re loving the new setup and the girls are pretty good about cleaning up their playroom. Bonus is that at least when it’s not clean, we’re not stepping on toys as we try to get them into bed. If you’re contemplating moving the toys out of your child’s room, for space or otherwise, I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

Their bedroom sans toys.

Their half of the Magic Room.

My half of the Magic Room.

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