Newsletter – January 2014


Now we’re onto January with your newsletter catchup. This month we started spring semester. Peanut and I both went to school five days a week (though Peanut spent less time there than fall semester, at times getting to the point where she was upset I was picking her up early) and Twig went to Mema’s 2 days a week and Oma’s 3 days a week. Not a great schedule when it comes to spare time, but we survived and you girls seemed to enjoy it. You also got a new bed to sleep in together, which kind of worked, but you still often end up in separate beds.

Right before the semester started, we finally went and saw Frozen in theaters. By this point it had been out for a couple of months, but we just didn’t have time to (nor did I care much, besides finding the preview to be hilarious) when it was new. Peanut immediately became Frozen OBSESSED. Oh man, it was Elsa everything (Twig defaulted to Anna, which she also loved, and she learned all the characters’ names lightening quick for a two year old). To be fair, I became a little obsessed too. It’s a good movie! We took Daddy back to see it (who also liked it, but said Tangled was much better) and we spent A LOT of time listening to the songs on YouTube.

You also decided this month that scaring people is super fun! Every time I came around a corner you were there to jump out and say “boo!” It became pretty easy to predict when there was a little person waiting around the corner, but I tried my best to act startled anyway. Of course you could see right through me and got upset I wasn’t really scared. Oh jeeze.

Twig, you turned two this month! You didn’t really seem to understand, which is of course to be expected for a two year old, but you definitely enjoyed the attention. For your birthday Mama made you a play kitchen out of an old table and you love it. There were some initial arguments over the play food I knitted (and egg, two strips of bacon, and some spaghetti noodles), but you’ve gotten over it and both girls play with it multiple times a week.

You also decided that clipping your nails was super fun this month. You would walk up and hand me the clippers out of the side table next to my bed every day (literally) and expect me to cut your nails. Nails don’t grow that fast, so this often ended in tears when we did a clip on a nail or two and I said we were done. This obsession lasted maybe a month or two before being completely gone. Nowadays you only want me to cut your nails if we’re going to paint them (which you actually do ask for at least a few times a week).

You also started stringing words together into coherent 2-3 word statements. My favorite was “dank ooo mama” (thank you mama). You also can say your name now, but only in the form of your nickname “Mere” (sounds like “meh!”), which is really cute. I tried to get you to say Meredith, but you wouldn’t even try for the longest time (and didn’t finally start saying it until a few months later).

Until next month!


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