Newsletter – February 2014

Being sickies.

Hello Girls!

On now to February. School by this point is in full swing and we spent a lot of this month making fun Valentines crafts!

Twig, you decided this month that everything is the color blue! I think it was more that you were starting to grasp the concept that items can be a color, but it was hilarious regardless. If we asked you the color of a apple? Blue. If you were describing a car to me, it was blue. Blue, blue, blue! This was an especially cute stage because it was so short. Within a month or two you were starting to really grasp which color was which.

Sharing our news with the world!

You also decided that broken things are evil this month. If we broke a cookie in half to share it, you wouldn’t touch it. Your cracker was missing a corner, garbage. You broke into full-blown tantrums over it! Luckily, this was also a short stage. Now only if you’re really tired or overwhelmed do you get upset that something is broken and even then, I can generally calm you down by telling you it tastes/works the same.

Lastly, you weaned this month. This one was really bitter sweet for mama. Your nursing was going strong before I got pregnant and honestly, in all the things that come in the first trimester of pregnancy, it was not my favorite thing. We night weaned sometime in December or January because I was just too tired to wake (however little) in the night to nurse. You were ready for it though and it went really quick and smoothly. Then with mama being in school and you rarely asking (and mama often putting it off when you did because my hormones were making it painful), you just kind of stopped. You were only asking every week or two and then one time when you asked, you couldn’t seem to figure out how to do it. It was then I realized you had weaned. It was earlier than I had wanted, but at least we made it past your second birthday, which is always my minimum goal. And I won’t lie and say it’s not a bit of a relief to not have to go through tandem nursing again. You also took up the habit of rubbing my upper arm, which you are still pretty obsessed with doing.

Daddy’s girl

Peanut, we had a really fun month too. Mama found this chore list online of all the different chores a kid should be able to do by age. You, completely in character, took it upon yourself to do every single chore for your age group. And you continued wanting to do them! Suddenly unloading the dishwasher is really fun because it means it can be checked off the list! You’re definitely your mama’s daughter!

This year was the first year you really understood Valentines Day. You were so excited from February first on. You were given a list of your friends’ names from preschool to make Valentines for and you worked on it painstakingly every day until you wrote all their names on the Valentines and picked a temporary tattoo for them. Then when Valentine’s Day finally came you excitedly took home your bag and practically memorized who gave you what. Even now if we find something like a pencil that was given to you, you’ll tell me which friend it was that gave it.

Lastly, you came up with a fun game to play in the car on the way to school. At some point after dropping Twig off, you’d want to play the “How long until we get there?” game. This isn’t an annoying game where you keep bugging me to know how long, but rather a game where we each make a guess and see who wins. Often no one would win and that’s okay too. You were really sweet and eventually started giving outlandish numbers because you wanted me to win. You’re such an empathetic little girl.

Helping Mama with her coupons.

Banana, at this point in my pregnancy, we were just entering the second trimester. I expected to feel you really early, as I did with Twig’s pregnancy, but I really only got one for sure early movement. And it wasn’t really a movement, but hiccups! Both of your sisters had them so often that it would have been hard to miss. That cute little rhythmic beating in my belly signaling someone is in there. Well hello! You’ve continued to be a hiccup master (though I didn’t feel any more until well into the second trimester) and I would say that now (33 weeks) that you spend nearly an hour a day hiccuping.

Well that’s all I have for you. Love you girls (plus baby of unknown sex)!


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