The Beginning

breastfeedingcafecarnivalWelcome to The Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival!

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I remember being told my breastfeeding story either before I was pregnant or pretty early into my first pregnant. The story of my mom having a natural childbirth and plans to breastfeed. How those plans were foiled by poor pumping conditions when she returned to work and a doctor who ignorantly told my mom I was allergic to her breast milk and that’s why I was spitting up. How I continued to spit up just as much on every formula on the market. The story of how my own mother was Booby Trapped.

At the time it probably just sounded like the sad story of how my mom didn’t get to nurse as long as she had liked to. Once I had Peanut though, the story got put into a different perspective. The perspective of how many moms want so desperately to breastfeed their babies and how our medical professionals, formula companies, and society work against it.

Really, The Adventures of Lactating Girl and her fight for breastfeeding started way back then with the lack of support to my own mother nursing.

Not only did I walk into my breastfeeding journey having learned from my mother’s story, but it made me that much more passionate about the work I do. My beginnings helped to shape me into the breastfeeding mama bear who is going to fight for myself and other moms because no one was there to fight for my own mom.

So thank you mom. Thank you for trying your hardest even when the system let you down. I will fight in your honor to make sure other moms never have to experience the same betrayal you did.

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