My Little Helper

breastfeedingcafecarnivalWelcome to The Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival!

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Traditionally, when thinking of breastfeeding support, one may think of an adult. A husband, family member, friend, organization that helped them succeed. I definitely had a lot of help from those people, but today I want to talk about my little helper, Peanut.

Peanut was almost 3 when little sister Twig was born. I had, at least what seems to me, pretty severe postpartum depression. I’ve spent a good deal of time feeling guilty about that time period and my relationship with Peanut because she took such a large amount of the anger and depression from me. Our relationship really deteriorated and I still sometimes feel like we’re working on getting back to normal. I am determined to not let that happen again and have a plan for this time around, which I’ll share later. Anyway, today I want to focus on the good parts of that time period in our lives.

When we discuss breastfeeding support, it’s often more of an emotional aspect. It’s who told you you’re doing a great job, encouraged you to keep going, and so on. Not that the emotional side isn’t a very important part of support, but there’s a big physical side to it also. Peanut took care of so much of that for me and I am incredibly grateful she was there for help. She brought me burp rags when her sister spit up (which was all the time). She brought me diapers. She helped me carry things up and down the stairs when my arms were full of baby. She went to go get me my water or phone when I sat down to nurse and realized that I had forgotten to grab them.

She was especially helpful when we were out and about. I remember one day when we were in the store and Twig was starting to fuss. I was feeling rushed and anxious and kept ignoring her cues. Peanut very calmly told me that maybe I should sit down and nurse. Isn’t it amazing how a three year old can put you in your place? I told her she was right and I found somewhere I could sit. Not only was Twig’s belly full afterwards, but I was much more calm. Sometimes it takes a tiny human just to remind you what’s important.

This time around, I’m expecting an even higher amount of help from Peanut. Not that I’m going to force her to be my little helper all the time, but I know that she loves to take on that role. She’s so excited for Banana to arrive and has already told me about all the things she wants to help me do. I’m sure this time it’ll extend into small chores (it’s her job to unload the dishwasher) and playing with her little sister to keep her entertained. She’s such an amazing big sister and in so many ways my best friend. I am lucky to have her support.

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