An Ode to the My Brest Friend

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I’ve spoken fondly of the My Brest Friend nursing pillow in the past, but I’ve never clearly spelt out why, indeed, it is so amazing. Why I was willing to pay $10(?) per pillow in order to buy three for future nursing baskets (and why I’d do it again in a heartbeat and likely will if it’s ever offered again), even though I tend to be very cautious of the overall price of my baskets and am always working on reducing the price (budgets have to be considered, even for gifts!).

Well, it’s simply because this is the most universally useful breastfeeding item I’ve found.

Yes, there’s definitely the support aspect. The information. The specialty items that you may or may not need (I include both nipple cream and nursing pads in this list, as I somehow didn’t need either with my second). All these things are important, but just vary so much in how important they are for any particular mom. The My Brest Friend, though, is incredibly useful to all.

I’ve heard there’s somewhat of a debate between the Boppy, which is probably the most popular nursing pillow, and the My Brest Friend. But convinced that anyone who prefers a Boppy simply has not tried the My Brest Friend.

With my first, I had a Boppy. It was very handy for holding baby in place while on the computer or similar times, but it lost that use about a month in. You see, the surface of the Boppy is rounded, more like a traditional pillow. This means that baby has the options of either A. Rolling into you, or B. Rolling away fr you. It’s hard to keep a baby steady on it, let alone hands free or once they’re old enough to wiggle.

With the My Brest Friend though, it’s flat. Yes, there’s some shaping, but the overall landscape is large and flat. Baby isn’t going anywhere.

Then there’s the fact that it clips in place. This allows movement without having to hold onto the pillow (though obviously holding the baby) and it simply fits more securely. Even my husband was able to use the My Brest Friend while holding the baby. It’s as simple as loosening the strap. With how many different shapes and sizes people come in–let alone the variety of shapes and sizes you’ll experience postpartum–this is essential.

So, these are the main reasons my My Brest Friend pillow is my favorite breastfeeding product. This is why my Boppy lie forgotten whereas my My Brest Friend went from room to room and even outside of my house with me. This product is one thing I would recommend for any mom-to-be.

Disclaimer: My Brest Friend has not paid me in any way, shape, or form for this post. They don’t even know I’m posting it. Go buy one!

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