Toddler-made Bookmark Christmas Gift

This year, Peanut learn to sew on the machine (with help), so she’s been really excited that she can so things for people as presents. She decided that she wanted to so her sister a pillow for Christmas out of an old shirt on our mending pile. We did so and she’s crazy excited to give it to her. This created a bit of a dilemma for me though because, generally, when you give a present you expect one in return. And I knew that Twig would be upset that she didn’t have anything to give to Peanut too.

So I went searching online for something Twig could make mostly by herself to give to Peanut. I found this post with a bunch of ideas and thought the bookmark idea would be easy, cute, and useful (Peanut has been reading through the How To Train Your Dragon series with dad, so bookmarks are definitely useful!).

I changed thing up a bit though. I wanted Twig to feel like she had made this for Peanut, not like mama made it and put her name on it. Plus I wanted to use supplies we already had around the house. We accomplished both those things and I thought we’d share in case anyone else wants to do something similar. So here’s what we did!

First, here are the supplies:
Scrapbook paper (you could use printer or construction paper if that’s what you have, but this is more sturdy), paper cutter (or scissor and a mama who can cut straight lines), letter stickers (or you could write the name on if you don’t have these), shape cutter (whatever you want, or you could have the kiddo cut out some shapes or confetti), tape to secure (not pictured, oops!), scissors, contact paper (you can get this at big box stores and it’s an amazing alternative to laminating).

First we cut two bookmarks the size of another bookmark we have, which is 2″ by 6″. One piece of scrapbook paper was 12″ so it worked perfect for making two out of the same line.

Next we added embellishments. This is the big part that Twig was involved in. She chose where to put big sister’s name, what color to cut the elephants, cut them with help, then where to put them. Mama actually secured everything.

Next we cut out two pieces of contact paper for each bookmark, leaving plenty of extra paper all the way around the bookmark. Twig helped me place the bookmark on the first piece, then I put the second piece on. This stuff is crazy sticky so know that once it’s on, there’s no turning back.

Lastly, I cut the contact paper around the bookmark. I originally planned on leaving a bit of contact paper all the way around, but I accidentally snipped too close on one spot so I went right up against the bookmark. I’m not sure if it’ll stay together as well, so I’ll try to update after the bookmarks have had some use.

And that’s it! Super easy, super cute, super useful. Twig had so much fun making these and is crazy excited to give them to Peanut. And all this took maybe 15 minutes total, so it was great to throw together while big sister was in school. Be sure to share in the comments if you try this out! Happy Holidays!

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