Newsletter – September 2014

Hello kids!

On with catching up with our newsletters! For us September meant being a new family of 5. We started to find our routines this month and everyone had fun getting to know our new baby.

Peanut, you love your new little brother so much! There were many days where you asked not to go to school because you had to miss out on time with him. Of course you still went, but it made you feel better when I told you he mostly naps while you’re gone. You made up a little song for him that goes “hush little Gideon hush, hush, hush” to the tune of Hush, Little Baby. You sing it to him every time he cries.

Even with asking not to go, you really do love school. You come home every day just thrilled to tell me what you did that day. You’ve even gotten excited about doing some extra math online on Khan Academy with daddy. It’s amazing how quickly you’re picking it all up.

You painted this completely of your own accord.

You’ve also decided that your favorite color is no longer pink. Now it’s blue. No surprises that your inspiration is Elsa from Frozen. Almost the moment you decided pink is no longer the favorite, little sister decided pink is now her favorite! It’s like the torch was passed.

Twig, you are just so ridiculously cute. You decided that “oh my GOSH!” is the appropriate response to just about everything. Big emphasis on the gosh part.

You also love your little brother immensely. Every time I put him on the floor you’re getting down right next to him. You kiss him more times a day than I can count. We’re still working on being gentle with him (sometimes you try to move his head to make him look at you and stuff like that), but that’s to be expected for your age.

You love to spend every day running around with mama while Peanut is in school. Like I said earlier, Banana mostly naps while she’s gone, so it’s just me and you. You love to help me with chores, run errands, or pretty much just do anything I’m doing. It’s pretty nice to get quality time with you while still being able to accomplish what I need to in the small window your brother is sleeping and your sister is at school.

Banana, you decided to roll over front to back the first time on your one month birthday. It was funny because daddy thought it was a fluke and said you had to do it three times for it to be real. I set you on the floor and joy proceeding to do it three more times in less than five minutes. So that was that! And you started to smile shortly after. Baby smiles are the best.

We also started elimination communication this month. I had given myself a “pass” on trying of this time around. In the past I couldn’t ever get it to work and it just added to my stress. Well you developed a really bad yeast rash that wouldn’t go away even with the yeast cream the doctor prescribed, so I decided to give it a go. Turns out you really, really prefer to go in the potty! Especially the poops. You caught on to EC really quickly and we’re still doing it part-time to this day. And there’s no rash in sight. Yay!

Til next month!
Love, Mama


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