Books Featuring Babywearing

We are avid library goers (every Wednesday!), which means we get a whole lot of random books. I’ve read books on adoption to grandmothers dying to gardening to dinosaurs, to Anne Frank. We also read a lot of books that I specifically mean to get (yay holds!), but a lot of time it’s my children bringing me various books that look interesting until our bag is full. And let’s be honest here, I grab quite a few interesting-looking random books myself.

So it’s always a pleasant surprise when we come across a book with something unexpectedly hippie parenting in it, such was the case twice in the same week recently. Two different books that were grabbed randomly from the shelves that happened to have babywearing in them!

First up: Carry Me (Babies Everywhere). This one is a pretty simple board book and obviously about babywearing from the cover. It shows a lot of different carriers in different places.

Second: Baby Parade. This one is, as you can expect from the title, babies in a parade. With a bit thrown in of a baby being worn (by a dad!).


Well that’s it for today. Just a couple cute books with babywearing in them for your enjoyment. Go check your library for them (or other books with babywearing!). Be sure to let me know of any gems you find.


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