Party In My Pants Cloth Pad Review and Giveaway!

Just a few short months ago, Banana came rushing into this world. When you’re obscenely pregnant, all you’re worried about is getting that baby out of your body. Little thought goes towards how your body is going to feel after that baby comes out. And a big part your newly postpartum body is the bleeding. Oh, the bleeding.

I don’t think I fully comprehended the bleeding before my first was born. You bleed for weeks and weeks. And you can’t use tampons or menstrual cups. Nothing inserted. So that only leaves pads.

I hate pads. I hate them with a Fiery. Burning. Passion. Well I’ll say I hated pads. That was back in my teenage days when I used disposable pads. Oh dear lordy those things are awful. They were quickly thrown to the wayside once I figured out there’s a better option with tampons (and then those where thrown to the wayside when I found an even better one with my Diva Cup). But, alas, the postpartum bleeding made me go back to those wretched things.

So this time, having been down this road before, I knew I would want something better than the disposable junk. Cue Party In My Pants Cloth Pads. As fast as I could I got my hands on the postpartum set, and let me tell you, I’m happy I did.

First off, these are genuinely cute. I didn’t think I’d care much about the patterns, but it’s kind of nice. Just a little touch of beauty to my not-so-beautiful (minus the beautiful baby of course) postpartum days. And what impressed me even more was that the beauty stays. I never did anything special to these pads in the wash (I even washed them on cold) and I have zero stains!

Which brings me to my next point. I know what you’re thinking. “But I just had a baby, I don’t have time to deal with a bunch of extra laundry!” Good news folks! I was able to just throw these pads in with my regular laundry, which I was already doing plenty of given the leaking boobs and spitting up baby and pooping baby and two other children and so on. Trust me, laundry gets done around here. So I just threw these in with the rest and they came out spick and span.

Last, and very definitely not least, these are so comfortable. I only have a handful of cloth pads, so I used them in conjunction with some disposables, and oh my goodness I could tell the difference when I was in one of these. No pad rash! I wast even aware I could wear a pad without pad rash. And without getting too far into the gory details, I bled much longer this time than with my other two (though I had no hemorrhage issues immediately after the birth, so maybe that’s why?). Not getting pad rash was absolutely vital.

Also included in the kit was a pair of breast pads. I kind of scoffed thinking I wouldn’t leak this time because I didn’t last time. Well, apparently my body took that as a challenge. These nursing pads have not only been useful, but are some of my favorites. They’re thin, but don’t leak through. They stay in place. Oh, and they’re cute too! See a theme here?!

So do you want to try them out for yourself already?!? Well Party In My Pants has been gracious enough to give away to one of my lucky readers a $10 Gift Certificate to buy whichever pads you’d like! Want to know how? Here we go!

First off, make sure to leave a comment for each entrySo if the item you accomplish says 2 entries, leave two comments! I try my best to check through and make sure everyone gets all the entries they should, but I’m not perfect! Make sure to get credit where credit’s due!

Mandatory first entry: Go to the Party In My Pants site and check it out! Leave a comment here telling me what product interests you the most. Be sure to use an email you can be contacted at in case you win!

1 entry: follow me on Twitter. If you already follow, you still get an entry!

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3 entries: blog about this contest (leave a link the comment). Once per giveaway.

The winner will be chosen on Sunday, February 15th at 5PM Mountain Standard Time by random. The winner will be emailed and must respond to the email within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen. Good luck everyone!

The winner by random number generator is comment #9. Congrats Jennifer!


18 thoughts on “Party In My Pants Cloth Pad Review and Giveaway!

  1. The Mama-Rama kit interests me the most from the Party In My Pants website!

    Jennifer . Lynn. Robbins @ Gmail . com

    (no spaces in the email address, I just added those to help prevent bots from picking it up)

  2. Hello! I just found this post, and it reminded me that I need to get on ordering more PIMPs for my upcoming postpartum days. I already use PIMPs monthly (or did prior to 33 weeks ago…) for my period, so I have a stash of smaller pads, but have no idea where to start on the postpartum side of things. Any recommendations on how many pads you’d recommend and what size? This is my first baby so I don’t know what to expect…

    • Thanks for your comment! In my experience, really just the first week or so is heavy, then it lightens up to a regular period for the next long while. So if you’re good on regular pads that’ll help you a ton. I would definitely recommend the PIMP postpartum pack. My mama-mini pack that they gave me to review came with two queens and an overnight. It would have been nice to have a few more in rotation though, so I would definitely recommend the mama-rama. Congrats and good luck with your upcoming birth and baby!

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