Newsletter – October 2014

Hello children!

Back to our newsletter catchup! We’re on to October, a month full of fun fall activities and of course Halloween! We all had a blast this year. When I asked Peanut what she wanted to be for Halloween, she knew immediately that she wanted to be Merida from Brave, so I made her costume before Banana was born. I thought that Twig might want to choose something for herself, but she was happy to go along with Peanut’s idea and be one of the little brother bears, so we went with a full family theme. I was Queen Elinor (as a bear), Banana was a little brother bear too, and daddy was King Fergus.

Peanut, you are just so amazingly smart. I’ve always thought you were ahead, but wasn’t sure if it was parental bias. Well it’s confirmed that you’re really just smart. It’s all your teacher can tell me over and over. You’re just zipping through the books that you get to take home from school to learn to read. You love school in every way (except getting ready in the morning) and you love learning.

You also started basketball this month. This is sort of an “intro to basketball” class that you take before the actual Junior Jazz season starts. You caught right on to defensive stance and want to show anyone who will watch. You’re so excited to start playing basketball like daddy.

Twig, you love being my little helper around the house while Peanut is at school. You’re following me around the house helping me with every little task the whole time she’s gone. You especially love washing dishes, though try to insist that you need the good brush even when mommy needs it.

You’re turning into such a little person. You’ve started drawing real circles. It seems like such a simple thing, but it’s really the first time that you’re able to think something in your head and make it come out on the paper like you want it to. You also love music. You’re always telling me which songs you like and don’t like on the radio and you’re happiest when we’re playing music in the house. You also really got Halloween this year. Like you understood it was coming (though had a fuzzy concept on how long it would be until it came), understood what was happening, and got super excited to actually go out and trick-or-treat.

Banana, you are growing so fast. You started laughing this month. Listening to you laugh is one of my favorite things. You’re such a happy little baby. And you absolutely adore daddy. You just light up every time that you see him like you’ve really been missing him all the time he was gone. He’s the one who makes you laugh the most too. And of course you love your big sisters. Peanut loves to hold you and begs to do it all the time. And of course they’re always trying so hard to make you laugh. I can already see how much you adore them and I’m so excited to watch how that relationship grows.

That’s all for this month! Love you all!

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