Somewhere In-between

I’m at an interesting crossroads. I still feel passionate about so many of the same things. About breastfeeding, about treating children with respect, about parenting with fun and love.

But I’m also realizing there isn’t only one way to do things. I’m finding my balance in life and, in most respects, it appears to be somewhere in the middle.

Not normal enough to avoid being the weird one in the group. Not crunchy enough to be really in that group either. I extended breastfeed, but I also vaccinate. I practice elimination communication, but I also use disposables (and cloth too for that matter). I don’t home school, I do ferment foods. I don’t avoid sugar, I do avoid too much tv. I do baby-led weaning, but we’re using a bit of baby food too. The list goes on.

I’m okay with being in the middle. If having Banana has taught me anything, it’s that there isn’t one “right” way to parent. I’ve always said that we all make the choices that are right for our own families, but my own choices are shifting quite a bit. I’ve changed my views on many things and I’m not quite sure how to put it into words most of the time.

So that’s where I am right now. I’m working on putting all my perspectives together. I’m working on getting past this writing block I’ve been experiencing. Now I’m working more actively. Because I miss throwing my thoughts out into the abyss that is the internet. Hope you all miss me too.


4 thoughts on “Somewhere In-between

  1. I totally feel you on this one! I don’t feel like I fit in because I always am either too crunchy or not crunchy enough. It took time to get there but I’m ok with it because I own my decisions :). I still avoid hot topics in certain groups though and am very supportive of other parents making their decisions based on what works best for their families with very few exceptions. I have learned that I never can have the full picture though there are a few beliefs I still hold very strong. You are a great mama and your kiddos are so lucky to have you!

  2. I do miss reading your blog posts! I was happy to see the notification about this one come up in my email. You have a beautiful family!

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