My Little Vampire

What’s that little hint of white on the top left side? It’s proof that Banana is a vampire. Not as if we needed more proof, as ever since he got those two bottom teeth his favorite thing to do has been to crawl over to me and bite whatever body part is closest to him.

That is actually only the first one, which has been through for almost a week. I already see a teething pattern emerging. Tooth #1 pops through seemingly by random. No grumpy baby, just an appearance of a tooth. But it’s more than a tooth–it’s an ominous prediction. It’s a subtle hint that my life is going to go to complete shit for the next few days. And by golly it did. 3-4 days (Probably more, I’ve lost count, no sleep) of night wakings where he would just cry, clinginess in the daytime, random screeching out of nowhere. Babies are fun.

But the storm has now calmed. As of this morning (Peanut’s birthday, happy birthday Peanut!), I see the second tooth just poking through the gums. Explains the decent night sleep I got last night. And now I’m left with a cute little vampire.


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