Newsletter – January 2015

At Bear Lake on your birthday.

Hello My Children!

We’re still playing newsletter catch up here (so close!) and on to January. It was a surprisingly warm winter this year, so we spent plenty of time outdoors. We also spent a lot of time watching Studio Ghibli movies as a family. You both love My Neighbor Totoro. Really, you’ve loved all the ones we’ve watched. And of course, we celebrated Twig’s third birthday!

Twig, you had your first ever birthday party this month and you chose Winnie the Pooh as the theme. You loved being able to invite your own friends and being the center of it all. I had a blast planning it for you and everyone had a wonderful time. We got you some Calico Critters for your birthday because you love playing pretend with little toys. You really enjoy playing with them. On your birthday itself you were sick, so we took a long drive to Bear Lake as a way to celebrate without spreading disease. We had a lot of fun and you girls gathered tons of tiny shells.

You’re also learning more letters by the day. I wasn’t even aware that you knew any, then you suddenly started picking them up rapid fire. You love reading and especially love to read Press Here. It’s a silly book where you press the dots (and do other things to them) and it makes it look like you’re effecting the dots. You ask me to read it to you almost every night.

You also love drawing with your sister. Both of you have been drawing pictures from these videos on YouTube. I’m surprised at how well you both can draw. Twig, you made a daddy long legs that actually looked like a daddy long legs! And Dea, you can already draw just as well as I can most of the time. It’s awesome watching you two expand your artistic abilities.

Peanut, you are obsessed with black widows. Really it all started this fall. It was a warm fall also, which apparently caused a bit of a black widow issue in our area. We ended up finding about half a dozen throughout our property (thank goodness never in the house!). Ever since, you’ve decided you love black widow spiders. You brought a book home from the library at school that told you all about them. We checked out books at our library. We watched videos online. You just think they’re amazing.

Taking a bath in the sink when Oma and Opa watched you.

Banana, you are putting in a valiant effort to crawl. You’re trying really hard to get up on all fours and you can even do it if you get your butt wedged up against something. You can tell you’re so satisfied with yourself when you get up too.

You’re also very loud, just like Twig was. You love to just yell and yell, even when you’re happy. Something that’s different though is your pitch. From pretty much day one, you’ve been really high pitched! And when you get happy you’re literally squealing in delight. It’s so ridiculously cute. You’re also mad when you’re mad though. You don’t get angry often, but when you do, you sound like a fire alarm. We tried to leave you with Oma and Opa for the first time so mommy and daddy could go on a date, but we ended up leaving half way through The Hobbit because you were so angry. It’s alright though, mama doesn’t mind being with you all the time.

Speaking of you being happy, there’s one song from our music class that you just adore. We call it “Open and Shut Them” though I’m sure there’s a more correct name. Every time you’re upset, we start singing it and you get happy again. It works when you’re in the high chair while I make food, while you’re getting your diaper changed, anything. We start singing and you immediately start smiling.

Love you all!

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