Newsletter – February 2015

Twig playing in the unseasonably warm rain puddle.

Hello Kiddos!

We had a pretty awesome February. It’s been unseasonably warm around here, so we got to spend time outside. Our days were also spent going to the Treehouse Museum, story time, volunteering at Peanut’s school, and just hanging out at home. Life is great.

Peanut, I have a funny story for you. We were out to dinner and you started to complain about your mouth hurting. I kind of brushed it off, but it was a weird spot, so I decided to feel your tooth just to see. Well, that tooth moved and I let out a shriek of surprise that startled you too. You had a loose tooth! I didn’t even know that kids start loosing teeth this early, but a quick Google search told me that you’re a bit late if anything (Google also told me this is unsurprising give that you started getting teeth a bit on the later side). I was so sure that it was nothing and I would “just check to be sure.” Silly mama.

“Gideon is a firefighter but a baby firefighter. I am too.”

You’re also getting better and better at writing things 100% for yourself. You’ve been writing letters for ages, but it’s always been “Mama, how do you spell…?” Your teacher said to encourage “creative spelling” and ever since I told you to start trying to spell things yourself, you’ve found every excuse possible to write things down. I love how you’re always writing me notes. I hope it never stops.

You also finished playing basketball this month. You went around telling everyone you spoke to (you have absolutely no qualms speaking to strangers out in public and everyone you meet thinks you’re awesome when you start chatting with them) how you love playing basketball. You were also pretty devastated that it’s over for the season. About a week after the last game I finally sat you down and explained that it’s not just that I’m mean and won’t let you play, but nobody is playing because the season is over. After that you calmed down a bit. You’re still adamant that you want to play next year though.

Speaking of little miss chatterbox, you came home from school one day this month with phone numbers and a couple of your little friends came home with your number. I had no idea that calling friends on the phone would start this early, but you love it. I’m amazed that you have so much to say to someone that you just saw an hour ago. It’s calmed down a bit since it originally started, but two months later you still ask to call someone on the phone most days. You just gave out your number to a fresh batch of friends too.

Banana, you’re just zooming on with development. This month you started to crawl! It’s not super coordinated yet, but you’re definitely moving forward with purpose. You usually crawl a couple of steps, then stop and get on your belly to see if you can reach what you’re going for yet. If you can’t, the process repeats. I call it lazy crawling. You also decided to pull yourself to stand at virtually the same time as starting to crawl. My goodness. Calm down! And you got your first two teeth this month, both of your bottom front teeth.

It’s really fun watching the sibling dynamic emerge. One of the most interesting things to me thus far has been how Peanut is some sort of pseudo-adult to you. You’ll stay happy if she’s playing with you a good majority of the time. You even fall asleep on her while watching TV (I think you just need something interesting enough to stare at while you drift off). It’s super cute.

Twig, on the topic of siblings, you’ve great with Banana. You finally got him to laugh this month and you just love it. For some reason you weren’t very interested in getting him to laugh before now. You also call him “boy” all the time. “Do you like that, boy?” “Where is boy?” If I ask you what his name is you’ll immediately tell me Gideon, but if you’re talking to or about him it’s always boy.

You’re also making strides with development, though yours is mental. It seems like overnight that you went from knowing a handful of letters to almost every one of them. You even know the sounds of a good majority of them. You know all the letters in your name in mostly the right order, though you mostly insist on just spelling Mere. Can’t blame you there considering that’s what we call you 90% of the time.

You also love going to Peanut’s school to volunteer. You’ve made real friends there who send you home drawings in Peanut’s backpack. You like to pack your own little backpack of things to play with a books to look at and you think recess is amazing. Your favorite thing is how you get to participate in the art whenever they’re doing a project. You think that Peanut’s teacher is pretty amazing too. You’re gonna love it when you get to start kindergarten.

Love you all!

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