Loving Where I Am Now

I’ve been having a lot of house envy lately. Owning your own home is kind of a double-edged sword. My space and my decisions, but also my repairs and my maintenance. I feel like this sways more towards the bad side at times when the house is old and therefore the repairs are generally more frequent and more epic. So for a few months there, I spent a lot of time looking at other houses on the internet pining after one. Quite frankly, all it did was make me feel depressed about where we’re at now, which is at least a few years off from buying a new home.

So I decided that I was done with it. I decided that I needed to stop wishing for the future and live in the present. I also decided that if I can plan pretty creative things for birthday parties, I can do something for my house too. And worst case scenario I can always paint over it if it’s a wreck.

We have this awkward raised spot in our hallway that I’m guessing covers the mechanism for the doorbell or something of that nature. When we moved in I immediately decided that something cool needed to go there. Rather than it being an eyesore that sticks out, it could be a piece of art. So I painted it dark blue (the same color as the trim) to emphasize it rather than hide it, but that’s as far as I got. I was convinced for a long time that I would find something I could put there, but that never panned out because it was such an awkward size (something like 2 feet by 4.5 inches). Then I thought I would pay my brilliant artist friend to do calligraphy magic on it, but I never worked it into the budget. Finally, I decided why can’t I do it? Sure, I’m not an artist, but I’m getting better. And to me, it just made sense to do it myself with my own two hands.

“I want to do it properly… Not by magic.” – Harry Potter

So I set about doing it. Really, I’m not a naturally artistic person, as far as I consider things. I’m a copier, and I’m okay with that. I can alter things just enough to make them my own, but largely I need someone else’s idea to get started. So first I found a quote that I love that could also fit in a relatively small space. Next, I found someone else’s work online that I liked for how to draw it. I cut a piece of paper that was the correct size and started going about drawing out the quote as close to the original as I could, making it work in the space I had. Then I cut out the outline of my lettering with a craft knife and used the figure to trace it onto the wall. A friend suggested that I use Sharpie paint markers, which I did, and it turned out great. Here’s my end result. And here’s to loving where I am today instead of dwelling on where I’ll be tomorrow.

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