Newsletter – April 2015


April! It’s spring! We had so much fun this month. We spent a lot of time at the Treehouse Museum, Lagoon (got our season passes!) and just running around having fun. Both of the girls started gymnastics this month and have been loving it.

Banana, you had a really fun month too! You turned 8 months this month and you’re really turning into an older baby, if that makes sense. You play games with us now, you show obvious preference in people (like getting super excited when daddy comes home), and you do pretty funny stuff. My favorite lately is when you crawl around with something in your mouth like a puppy dog. So cute! You also love “feeding” people food (or anything else!) in your hands, blowing raspberries back and forth to each other, and starting cruising on furniture this month. Slow down with this almost walking stuff!

You wanted to dress up like Elsa to go pick up Peanut from school.

Twig, you’re pretty awesome too. Your favorite song is Kitty by Presidents of the United States of America and you request it virtually every time we get in the car. Then, of course, you sing along as loud as you possibly can. It’s adorable.

You also started drawing real pictures of people this month. People with bodies and legs and eyes, not just squiggles like before. I can see the gears turning in your head when you’re drawing. Actually thinking about how things look.

In sadder news, you got stitches this month. A freak accident of you falling over half asleep and perfectly hitting your cheek so it split right open. I felt so awful. You, after getting past the initial pain, were a real trooper though. You held so perfectly still for your stitches and even for removing them when he had to dig a little to get the stitch knot that was under a scab. Now we just have to spend the summer keeping your scar out of the sun and hopefully it’ll go away with age.

Peanut as a baby owl in a “Participlay”

Peanut, you’re obsessed with getting a “moving robot.” I knew that you wanted one, but I had no idea the extent of your obsession. When I was volunteering at your school, I saw back in February (as part of Dr. Seuss week) that you said you’d tell Thing 1 and Thing 2 to take you to Target and buy you a moving robot. You’ve been finding things you can do to help people and earn more money towards your robot (the one you originally wanted was $100, but you’ve since researched with daddy and found the one you like best is $70-something). You’re so excited to get one!

You also got a library card of your own this month since you can really read now and you’re taking full advantage of it. Every week, instead of going to story time with your brother and sister, you go to the children’s section and sit and read. Then from reading you choose 10 or so books to take home (often more with holds). You also choose to just sit and read a lot of the time. It’s still a struggle to get you to read anything “assigned” to you, but you love reading in general and are above average with your ability. It’s so much fun to watch you grow into an avid reader, just like mom and dad. Speaking of being just like mom, you also insisted on cutting your hair short like mine this month. And it’s crazy cute on you.

Until next month!

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